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Instagram-Worthy Poses to Do on Your Bed, According to Celebrities

Your bed might be your best prop or backdrop for your next OOTD!
Instagram-Worthy Poses to Do on Your Bed, According to Celebrities
IMAGE Instagram/justinemaebiticon, Instagram/katarinarodri
Your bed might be your best prop or backdrop for your next OOTD!

We probably do everything on our bed these days. From binge watching shows, cramming work (or homework), even eating meals when we’re too lazy to move. But have you ever considered using it as your next OOTD location? Look no further because your bed can be your new photoshoot spot! 

Searching for a perfect backdrop won't be a problem since your sleeping cushion can do all the work. If you're having trouble thinking of Instagram-worthy poses to do on your bed, we rounded up a list of celebrities you can take inspiration from.

10 Flattering Poses to Do on Your Bed, As Seen on Celebrities

1. The One Leg Up

Starting this list with one of the most iconic poses. The perfect 90-degree angle leg up from Victoria Beckham surely made a mark. If you want to show off your legs or your favorite pair of bottoms, in a flattering way this pose will definitely grab the attention of anyone scrolling on their feed. You can even do some stretches while you're at it!

PHOTO BY Instagram/victoriabeckham

2. The Extended Flamingo Leg

If you have a huge mirror near your bed, Jessica Yang proves nothing beats the good old mirror selfie trick! Just place your legs on top of the other and shift your weight on the opposite side. At the same time, you balance everything out by extending your arm to look longer. Bonus tip: you can coordinate an all-white outfit with the sheets of your bed!

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PHOTO BY Instagram/jesych

3. The Sitting Leg Bend

Enjoying the serene vibe, Kelsey Merritt poses with one leg up while looking straight ahead. If you want to hide your tummy area, this pose will be your new BFF. Straighten one leg on the bed while you lift the other leg to cover your stomach. Look away from the camera, then hold something in front of you to keep the attention away from your belly.

PHOTO BY Instagram/kelseymerritt

4. The Foodie

You can utilize your bed by bringing some props for the photo! Take cues from Alexina Graham as she casually sits down with a box of pizza in front of her. This is perfect if you want to flaunt your equally Instagrammable meal!

PHOTO BY Instagram/alexinagraham

5. The Shy Girl

Do a proper raise-your-hand pose while lying down like Siobhan Moylan if you don’t want to show your entire face. Put your hand over your head and bend it at the elbow area while covering a part of your face to add a dramatic effect. Leaning your head back also will give you a sharper jawline to achieve a stronger look!

PHOTO BY Instagram/siobhan.moylan

6. The Two Leg Up

Kylie Verzosa surely knows how to pose for the camera. Lying on your back while raising your hands above your head can instantly make you look longer. She also raises both legs to extend her figure in the photo, but you could also do this pose to highlight your shoes if that's what you're going for!

PHOTO BY Instagram/kylieverzosa

7. The Chic Kneel

Maybe the only acceptable time to wear heels on the bed is when you have a whole outfit to show off. Take a strong stance by kneeling like model Justine Biticon. Straighten your posture, but put your arm at the back to have an elongated upper body look. This pose also helps create the illusion of a curvier silhouette!

PHOTO BY Instagram/justinemaebiticon

8. The Pillow Prop

Level up your selfie game like Jennica Sanchez. You can effortlessly show your curves in an instant by leaning sideways. Also, don't forget to put one arm in front of you, while the other rests on your waist. You can even try cuppping your face in your hand for a pose variation!

PHOTO BY Instagram/sanchezjennica

9. The Angled Sit

Sit on the edge of your bed like Nadine Leopold. It may look like a simple pose, but you can easily have a great photo once you work your angles. It's proven how photogenic one can look when you tilt your head and hip to the side to create those flattering angles. FYI, this also makes your face appear slimmer!

PHOTO BY Instagram/nadineleopold

10. The Lie Down

Katarina Rodriguez shows us how to hide our food baby! If you want to cover up your front side, then lying down on your stomach will do the trick. Make sure to pop your toes at the back, and you can also rest your chin on your hands. Try this if you want to subtly flaunt your booty, too!

PHOTO BY Instagram/katarinarodri

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