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7 Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger without Spending Much

Try out these simple upgrades over the weekend!
7 Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger without Spending Much
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Try out these simple upgrades over the weekend!

When you think of your tiny room, the words that come to mind are probably “cramped” and “stuffy”, but that of course doesn’t need to be the case. With a bit of rearranging and a few simple upgrades, you can open up your area—and you don’t have to shell out much to do so.

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Here are a few things you can try to give your room that spacious, airy vibe.

1. If you can repaint your walls to a lighter shade, do so.

Take cue from Scandinavian-inspired homes, which utilize light, neutral walls colors. The reasoning behind this is that since their  winters can be gloomy , opting for white or beige surfaces  allows for more light to come in.

While there isn’t winter in the Philippines, bright walls can still help visually expand your space, so going with a can or two of paint is a worth-while investment.


2. Don’t put tall objects in front of your windows.

Move your shelves and stand fans away from your window and let the sunlight in! Make sure that the panes are clean, and open them from time to time to let the air circulate.

If you live in a condo and it’s impossible to open your windows, simply keep that area clear of clutter. Fewer things make a room look cramped than under-utilized sources of natural light.

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3. Hang your curtains above your window frames and near the ceiling.

Here’s a neat trick that can give the illusion of a much larger space: instead of cutting your curtain rod across your wall, move it a bit higher. The vertical lines of your drapes can seemingly “lengthen” your walls when they touch close to the ceiling


4. Avoid using dark curtains.

The key to making any space look light and airy is brightening it up, so if you can, do away with dark curtains and go for breezy materials. If you’re working on your bedroom and you wish to use black-out curtains to help you sleep, go for those with softer shades, and try the previous tip when installing them.

5. Play with mirrors.

If you already own a mirror, hang or position it parallel to or across your windows, especially if it reflects a good view. If you don't have windows, a mirror is also a great way to make your room feel more open, as it can bounce light and make the space look brighter.


6. Keep your floors clean and clear of clutter.

Hide those power cords, keep your shoes in one place, and pick up or relocate objects that only add to the kalat of your space. Decluttering can go a long way!

7. Diffuse light, fresh scents.

Making a room feel bigger and brighter shouldn’t only be about visuals—upping your scent game can also help. Light and airy fragrances can add to the illusion of a clean and a more open space. Depending on the room your working on, go for citrus, cotton, or lavender to keep things breezy and relaxing.


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