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8 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive Without Spending Too Much

Easy and budget-friendly hacks, right this way.
8 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive Without Spending Too Much
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Easy and budget-friendly hacks, right this way.

Home improvement projects know no season! And if you're reading this, you're probably looking into changing at least your room, aka your sanctuary. It's so easy to be pressured by the photos you see online, but don't fret. You can transform your room without renovating it or spending a lot. Check out the budget makeover hacks you can try ASAP.

How To Create A Bedroom Makeover Without Spending A Lot

1. Get rid of clutter.

The first step to make your space look maaliwalas. Declutter your room of stuff you don't need or store them in their proper place.

2. Pick a color palette.

To make design planning easy, you should stick to a color scheme that you'll refer to when you start buying stuff for your room. Your wall, beddings, decor, and other small home accessories will depend on this.

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3. Acquire proper storage.

Another way to make improve your space is to have proper storage. You don't need to buy expensive drawers or cabinets. You can spruce up the furniture you own. There are wall stickers online that you can use to cover them. On the other hand, some plastic storage furniture are presentable, too!

4. Choose cute beddings.

Your beddings can instantly level up your space, so choose a chic design that goes with your color palette while adding a little oomph to the room.

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5. Use a bed mattress clip.

To support the previous tip, snug-fitting beddings give your bed a hotel-like look! Use bed clips to achieve this. Plus, you won't have to worry about your bedsheet slipping off.

6. Change the color of the walls.

A fresh coat of paint can transform a room. But if this task is tedious or expensive, there are wallpapers and wall stickers available at Shopee.

7. Add plants!

There's a major reason the population of plantitos and plantitas continue to grow because having plants in any space breathes life into it. It can also help you score better air quality.

bedroom makeover: add plants
Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

8. Don't forget proper lighting.

Lighting is everything! It affects the mood of the room and can make the space look bigger. You can try fairy lights or a cute vintage lamp.

Bedroom makeover idea: Good lighting
Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

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