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How to Look Great in Pictures Even If You Aren't a Celebrity

Look photogenic in an instant.
How to Look Great in Pictures Even If You Aren't a Celebrity
Look photogenic in an instant.

As we spy on the celebrities' photos, we can't help but wonder how they always manage to look perfect in every shot. But apart from being blessed with good looks, these stars just know how to work the camera. So yes, even us mere mortals can be photogenic, too! Read on to find out their secrets:

1. Determine the look you want to project.


Sum up words to describe the way you'd want to look in the photo. Do you want it sultry, cute, classy, or pensive? You may also take the easy and most effective route: by being yourself. If you're a naturally funny girl, then go ahead and post wacky faces. And if you're a sophisticate, a coy smile (or a pout) would do.

2. Find your best angle.

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/maria.elena.adarna

Since you already know the look or vibe that you want, go to Instagram, Pinterest, and magazines for inspiration and observe how other women project. Practice the facial expressions in front of the mirror while adding your personal touch (see item number one) until you nail your go-to look. Find your angle—the side where you look extra pretty. It also won't hurt if you enhance your facial features with a bit of makeup.

3. Take note of your posture.


Besides your facial expression, you need to pay attention to your posture. To look taller and slimmer, put your leg in front of the other. You can also try placing one arm on your waist or forearm to look more relaxed.

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/mercadojenny

If it's a shot from the waist up, refrain from slouching because you'll look shorter and a few pounds heavier. Play with your hand or do as the celebs do: the T-rex pose, as seen above.

4. Check your lighting and background.



Your backdrop and lighting can make or break your shot.  Do a test shot to see if unecessary elements a.k.a. "kalat" can be seen in your frame, or if the background is photogenic enough. Plus, inspect if the lighting casts too much shadows. It's always better to shoot facing the light source than going against it. Also, natural lighting is always the best.

5. The position of your camera matters.

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/sarahlahbati

If it's a selfie, raise your camera slightly above your line of vision to make your face appear smaller. When taking an #OOTD shot, ask your friend to shoot you from below to lengthen your body. (Just make sure that you don't lose your neck by looking down too much!)

6. Level up your confidence! 

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/senorita_jessy

Own it, girl! If you aren't confident, it's going to show in your photos, and that will be such a waste of effort. If you want to look beautiful, feel beautiful first.

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