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How to Learn a Foreign Language by Yourself

Yes, it's possible!
How to Learn a Foreign Language by Yourself Yes, it's possible!

Filipino and English might be the focal languages to master in our country, but learning a new foreign dialect sure wouldn't hurt either. It'll be a useful skill especially when you're out traveling and you have to communicate with non-English speaking locals. Not to mention it can be fun, too!

If enrolling in a foreign language class or hiring an instructor aren't a part of your options, below are proven and tested ways to learn by yourself: 

1. Buy or borrow foreign language textbooks. 


Collins Easy Learning French Pronunciation: How to Speak Accurate French, P445, National Bookstore

No teacher, no problem. You only need a useful self-help book, plus some dedication. Prepare your mind to read and memorize for hours, perhaps days, then you’ve got yourself a future multilingual self. Mazel tov!

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2. Watch YouTube videos.

Makeup tutorials are not the only gems you can find on YouTube. Channels like The Travel Linguist can be super helpful when it comes to learning basic international phrases. It even has entertaining visuals to boot. 

3. Download a tutorial app.

DuoLingo is the world’s most popular app that helps a user learn a new language. This one’s effective especially if your eyes and hands are always glued to your phones or tablets. It even reminds you if you've been slacking off and haven’t been opening the app to study your language lessons for days.

4. Practice by talking to yourself.


Practice creates progress. Talking to yourself might seem a little weird, but saying it out loud will help you familiarize yourself with the new words and phrases you've just learned.

5. Find a partner.

Better yet, you can always seek someone who also wants to learn. Practicing with a friend will also make it a lot more fun!

6. Travel


Experience is the best teacher. By traveling to the place where locals speak that language, who knows, you might even end up catching their distinct accent. Bon voyage! 

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