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Here's What You Can Do to Help in Light of the Amazon Forest Fires

There's no effort too small to save the earth.
Here's What You Can Do to Help in Light of the Amazon Forest Fires
There's no effort too small to save the earth.

We’ve all heard of the devastating widespread forest fires in the Amazon, an essential rainforest that houses the most diverse ecosystem in the world. According to research, it’s made of up an estimated 390 billion individual trees, a number that has already fast depleted due to the fire’s lack of media coverage until late. This great loss to the Amazon spells devastating consequences to the earth as the rainforest acts as a buffer to slow down climate change, something it won’t be able to do anymore in the same force as it once had.


But aside from airing out grievances on our phones and hashtagging to “Save the Amazon,” you may be wondering, what other practical act can we do to help, considering we’re miles away from the catastrophe? The answer is to simply start where you are, and do what you can. 

An imminent example is to join environmental efforts in the country, such as MAD Travel’s monthly tree planting initiative. If you truly want to make a difference, the travel social enterprise organizes tree planting trips and other nature-reimmersive activities at least two to three times a month to local areas in desperate need, including Aurora, Bataan, Zambales, and Rizal. 

For this coming month, the organization is set for Zambales on September 21 and 28, in their continued effort to revive the barren land of the Aetas into a rainforest, which will also help create food source for the locals. “[The goal is to plant] three million trees. A combination of local forest species and fruit bearing trees along the edge of the forest to provide livelihood,” MAD’s co-founder Raf Dionisio tells Preview.

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“Bring a cap, long-sleeved shirt, sunglasses, a reusable bottle of water, camera, water or sandproofing pouches, seeds of local fruit trees like mangosteen, rambutan, etc., sandals for walking in the volcanic ash,  extra change of clothes and pocket money to buy interesting gifts from the tribe. Also bring a song you can sing as the community loves to listen to others share their talent.” 

The valiant effort is open to anyone willing to actually get out there and make a change. In knowing we’ve already lost a disastrous amount of nature to the Amazon fires, it’s high-time we step up, even in our own small ways, before it’s too late.


To join MAD’s initiative, sign up on their official website, or send an email to

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