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How to Get Out of Your Career Rut

How to Get Out of Your Career Rut
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Find your purpose!

At any given point in an adult’s life, one would want to find fulfillment and purposefulness in life to know that what you have done and contributed to the world has made a difference.

Let’s push the definition of one having a career... 

From: an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress 

To: an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life that is aligned to a person’s purpose with opportunities for being the best version of themselves, feeling fulfilled and using one’s talents in order to make a difference in the world.

The definition of a career rut would be sticking to a job just because of _(your reason)_ rather than because that job allows you to use your talents everyday and contribute to a higher purpose.

Based on Gallup’s 2016 millennial study, millennials are searching not just for a job but for a purpose. They see their jobs as part of their life and not a separate compartment of their life that just finances their personal dreams. Currently, millennials seek jobs that are aligned with their dreams, taking them one step further to their purposefulness and meaning.

Here are some tips to get you closer to an alignment of your job with the expression of your greatest talents and purposefulness in life:

1. Mingle with like minded people.

Whether you are currently in the industry that you aspire to be in or not, be surrounded with people who share a common passion. Being around this energy will allow you to confirm sooner than later if you have set your eyes on the right career path.


2. Be practical while you are in pursuit of your purpose.

Strive to be financially self-sufficient. The energy of being financially secure while you continue to search for your purpose carves the independence that you need to truly listen to the deepest part of your soul. This may mean taking on projects or a job that is not aligned with your life path but serves as an integral role of deposits into your bank account. This will allow you freedom to take bold steps towards sharing your talents with the world and making a difference.

3. Go out of your way to be exposed to experts in your chosen field of interest.  

Find a way to interact with the who’s who of your industry. Seeing them at their best and learning from their experiences will allow you to affirm if this is the life that you want and inspire you to stay plugged into your own personal passions. 

4. Seek wisdom from people that you know have found meaning and purpose in their own choice of career.

They may not be in the field that you choose, but you can definitely benefit from their personal tips on their path to success.

5. Be patient.  

Stay the course and don't give up if it doesn't yield the results you want right away.

6. Read, read, read. 

Research, interview, and search for as many resources that will allow you to be more educated about your options. The more exposure you have on what’s happening in your industry, the more clarity you will have on what it will take to make your dreams come true. Read books that will also give you the structure or framework in making decisions towards the fulfillment of your goals 

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7. If you can, include formal study.

Get higher credentials in that field. It’s a financial investment that furthers your credibility and hastens your successful shift to that industry.

8. Stay clear of anyone or anything that could trigger insecurities. 

When you are aching for your soul’s purpose, you will need all the positive energy you can get. Stick to friends that will always believe in you and at the same time be honest with you when they feel you may be on a path that is not good for you. Steer clear of people that will not have encouraging words to say, they will lead with their fears as you venture on this path to living your life’s purpose. 

9. Get introspective. 

Find solace in getting to know who you really are through attending workshops, keeping a journal and learning how to quiet down, detaching yourself from the expectations of the world and the craziness that commercialism and materialism fosters. 

10. Pray and meditate. 

Align yourself with your purpose through mastering the skill of listening to who you really are deep down inside. Center on the belief that who you are as a person is more important that what you do. Prioritize the growth of your talents in alignment to the calling of your soul.   

No journey is as exciting as finding your purpose in life. Trust yourself and enjoy the ride! More importantly, surround yourself with fans—people who see the best in you and have faith in your dedication to finding your passions. They can help you deal with your distractions, and find understanding, support, and other opportunities to further your new direction in life! 

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