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How to Design the Apartment of Your Dreams

Making your Pinterest-worthy apartment happen is easier than you think.
How to Design the Apartment of Your Dreams

Getting an idea of how you want your apartment to look is fairly easy with all the decor posts and pins on Instagram and Pinterest. Yet, no matter how many posts you’ve liked and pins you’ve added to your “Dream Apartment” board, deciding on which designs are feasible and within your budget is tricky. Proceed carefully with the right financial numbers in mind, then consider taking out a personal loan to make your dream apartment come to life. A home is a long-term investment, so you shouldn't be planning it on a whim. Here, we’ve broken down how to approach your design plan and think like an interior designer: 

1. Come up with a mood board.

From your shortlist of pegs, you can further nitpick on the design and choose the details you’re truly drawn to. Ask yourself: “What are the specific elements about this theme that I like so much?” List them down or create a mood board. This will be your game plan on approaching your apartment’s design. When you create a mood board, include color swatches, images of your ideal furniture and décor, and other finishes and details you have in mind for each space in your apartment. 

2. Note down your budget and stick to it.

Before you head off to a home depot, have a budget in mind. Canvas for prices and create a spreadsheet of expenses so that you can see exactly how much you will need to complete your design. If you’re short on funds, applying for a personal loan is a viable option. Your design process is sped up when you’re able to purchase everything you need in one go. Citi Personal Loans has a 24-hour approval process and allows you to loan up to P2 million with flexible payment terms. 

3. Measure, measure, measure. 

Don’t make the mistake of buying furniture that doesn’t fit the space it’s supposed to occupy. Believe it or not, this happens quite often. A floor plan is handy, but it’s not enough. Measure every nook and cranny of your living space to determine if a piece of furniture you're interested in fits into a particular spot in your home.

4. Do your priority purchases first.

Finally, the exciting part: shopping! But this is nothing compared to buying clothes. Using the mood board you’ve made, figure out the key pieces you need for your home and look for these first. Before heading out, take photos of your space from different angles to have a better idea of how a piece of furniture will look in its designated area. 

5. Add your personal touch.

The final step in your design plan is to add a personal stamp—the sentimental cherry on top—to your home. This is where you can get extra creative: Apart from displaying souvenirs from your travels and photographs, unique curios, your favorite books, and even fashion accessories are a great and stylish way to make a room your own.  

With your apartment looking like a dream come true, it's time to invite your friends and family over for a housewarming party.

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