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How to Cleanse Your Space and Get Rid of Negative Energy

By that, we don’t mean with a broom.
How to Cleanse Your Space and Get Rid of Negative Energy
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By that, we don’t mean with a broom.

Getting rid of clutter is a cathartic experience, but did you know that there is another kind of clutter? When you’re feeling unproductive or stressed in a certain area, be aware that you could be dealing with stagnant energy. If you’re feeling stuck, negative and sad, a little “space-clearing” will help you become more focused and productive.

According to Feng Shui, it’s advisable to do a “cleanse” every year or when you move in to a new space. You will also need to cleanse your space immediately if have had a negative event happen such as death, illness or a breakup, but it can be done as often as you want for added good vibes. The energy debris you will need to get rid of can be the result of an argument, negative thoughts, stress or by chaotic people who inhabit the space. Whatever happens in your house, it’s absorbed by the walls—usually accumulating in corners and tucked away places.



You can tell when a certain area or space (it can be your entire house or as small as your office desk) is filled with bad energy if you’re feeling down when you’re in the vicinity, but feel okay when you’re away from it. Figuring out whether your place has bad juju or not is typically based on your intuition and gut feeling. You know it’s time to take action once the stagnant energy is messing with your productivity or overall mood. 

According to Robert Rubin of Mysterium Philippines, the leading authority in the country for Tarot Reading and Psychic Development, “Energy of all kinds are all around us. What people don’t know is that the human body is more sensitive to energy than it can usually imagine.” When someone is feeling depressed in bed alone with all the curtains drawn in, it’s safe to assume that the space is filled with negative vibes. Lingering in a space filled with bad air will only make anyone staying there feel worse. The most effective way of combating bad energy in your field is by doing a cleanse. 

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Here, Rob shares with us his tips and insights on getting rid of bad juju:

When should one do space clearing?

"Space clearing is done when certain energies or thought forms have become stagnant and stuck while having an adverse reaction to the overall well-being of the inhabitants within the area. Places that need space clearing will usually give off uncomfortable vibes to those who enter. The area needs to have its energy 'reset' so that it can be more palatable to people within and around the premise."

Can we clear our own space?

"For matters of stale energy, yes. You can attempt to cleanse your own space. As for negative manifestations of the supernatural kind, it’s best to seek a trusted professional in the field."

As for the distinction between stale energy and the supernatural, here are some signs to watch out for paranormal negative energy


- Bad doors of unknown origin

- Feelings of being watched

- Disturbed sleep due to noises or movements of objects, smells or dreams

- If the room or house feels uncomfortable to be in

How and what do we need to cleanse a certain space?


IMAGE Lazada

Tibetan Singing Bowl, P873, Lazada


Quiet spaces attract negative energy, so it’s best to create sound with a bell or with a Tibetan Singing Bowl.


White Sage, P150, THE SACRED SMUDGE, @thesacredsmudgeph 

A sacred herb used for spiritual purification



IMAGE WikiMedia

Rock Salt (500g) P8.25, Robinson’s Supermarket       

Unrefined salt is a natural absorbent of negative energy.

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