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How to Be Your Best Self, According to Mond Gutierrez

Find out how he got his dream life.
How to Be Your Best Self, According to Mond Gutierrez

Whenever we attend an event, we always look for Mond Gutierrez the moment we arrive. The TV host, entrepreneur, and Preview contributing editor has a knack for getting the party started wherever he goes, and it’s just always more fun when he’s around. Little did we know that his picture-perfect life wasn’t as fulfilling as it seemed.

“I was so sure that I was the happiest version of myself before. But the photos, they don’t tell the whole story,” he says. “I might look like I was living the high life, but I wasn’t healthy. I actually forgot to take care of the most important thing, which is my health, my self.”

Late last year, Mond decided to leave his comfort zone to give his lifestyle a serious revamp. It was hard work, but if you ask him, it was all worth it. In fact, we’ve never seen him happier. Watch the video below to learn about his inspiring journey:

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