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How to Attract Wealth Into Your Life This 2021, According to a Feng Shui Master

No charms required!
How to Attract Wealth Into Your Life This 2021, According to a Feng Shui Master
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No charms required!

There are several ways you can use feng shui to attract wealth into your life this 2021. But according to Feng Shui master Paul Tan Caoili, one simple yet important thing to do is to keep your surroundings clean.  

In an interview with Female Network, Paul explains, "as a Feng Shui Geomancer, I always follow the system of 'protection' first before 'enhancement.' It is important that we keep our living spaces clean and clutter-free so energy or Chi can flow freely across our space.

"Clearing our space also clears (and calms) our mind of unnecessary clutter," he says, and this allows you to "focus on your goals and have a clear-cut plan in achieving success."


"Feng Shui is all about placement in its proper order, time, and space," he shares. "I always tell people to imagine Chi, which is the life force energy of Feng Shui, in a way how a person would move in a given area. It should always be free-flowing with no encumbrances or obstacles. If you will have difficulty maneuvering yourself then that causes an energy blockage which would lead to an imbalance, and an energetic balance in Chi is the main goal of Feng Shui." 

Paul also points out that you have to be specific with what you would like to manifest. "You have to [have] a clear idea of what kind of abundance you would like to have. Is it abundance in money, auspicious opportunities, or helpful alliances? You can't simply say [that you want to attract] abundance or prosperity." 

To attract positive energy this 2021, the Feng Shui master also recommends burning incense like white sage smudging sticks. "Use fragrant oil burners or diffusers. Use very fragrant candles [as these] work very well too. Keep everything in the home properly cleaned and organized, and always pray intently and fervently." 

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