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Here's How Take Pretty OOTD Pics at Home When You Live in a Small Space

It's all in the details!
Here's How Take Pretty OOTD Pics at Home When You Live in a Small Space
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It's all in the details!

Welcome to quarantine season 2! We're all still staying at home to stay safe, instead of hopping to different spots in the city to take your OOTD pics for Instagram. Your house is now your mini-studio, so you have to be creative. If you live in a small space, it can be extra challenging to execute this task because it's hard to find a perfect spot. To help you, we've listed down easy tips and ideas below:

Home photoshoot ideas to try when you live in a small space:

1. Choose your spot with a simple background.

Take a pic with a plain wall as your background. You can also decorate it with wall stickers (The white brick wall ones from Shopee are cool!) or repaint the wall of a specific spot in your space. You can also take it outdoors and do a mini photoshoot in your garden or plant corner. Translation: You don't need an extreme home overhaul to make your space look more presentable.


2. Fix your lighting.

Ideally, natural lighting is best. But if your spot is away from a window, invest in a ring light or a lamp.

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/poseandrepeat
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3. Wear a cute outfit.

Of course, the core of your pic is your look! Pick a color palette or aesthetic. Don't forget the accessories.


4. Get inspiration online. 

If you're lacking inspo, you can turn to Instagram or Pinterest so you'll have the idea of how to pose or even the theme of your pic. In the mood to change your space? You can watch and take down notes from small room makeover vlogs like this!


5. Learn to use your timer.

 Never underestimate the power of a phone camera timer! If no one is there to take a pic of you, use your phone's camera timer. You can turn on the flash if you want a disposable camera feel!

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/nicole_andersson

6. Invest in a mirror.

Show off your OOTD with the help of a full-length mirror. Your phone can also hide your face, which makes it perfect for low-key poses.

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/poseandrepeat

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