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10 Easy Home Organization Ideas You Can Do Right Now

Purge your WFH home office of clutter.
10 Easy Home Organization Ideas You Can Do Right Now
Purge your WFH home office of clutter.

With the enhanced community quarantine over Luzon, suspension of work, and cancelation of ALL social gatherings you may find that you suddenly have so much time at home on your hands. People on social media are getting creative with this new lifestyle (a.k.a. joining TikTok and polishing their dance moves), you can also use this time to spruce up your home and get some cleaning done around the house. Think of it as a reset to your New Year’s Resolution of decluttering or an early start to spring cleaning. 


1. Clear out "the chair."

We all have it. That one chair in the bedroom that holds all the clothes that you’ve maybe only worn for an hour but aren’t clean enough for you to fold and put back in the closet. It could be piled on with garments, bags, books, or any loose item you take home with you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a chairit could take the form of a table, a corner in your room, or the top of your drawers. Clear everything off the chair and sort them out. Separate clothing, books, and other items and find a new place for them. If it’s clothes, install hooks and hangers, or delegate a separate area in your closet or a drawer to keep them in once you’re done using them. Put books on shelves and beauty products back in your vanity.


2. Maximize your bedroom space.

The Japanese have perfected the art of avoiding wasted space, especially when they’re living in condominiums or any home with a small floor area. The real estate developers know this is an issue for many condo dwellers, which is why they take the liberty of having  space-saving innovations installed into the fixtures. You can adopt this by utilizing empty spaces around your room, such as under your bed or the top shelf of your drawers. 


3. Develop a closet organization plan that mirrors how you get dressed.

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When organizing the clothes hanging in your closet, reflect on how you make decisions while getting dressed every morning. Do you choose your ensemble based on event, whether you have meetings or a fancy dinner that night, or even based on the weather? If so, set up zones in your wardrobe and separate your clothes using your decision-making process. You can use colored hangers to distinguish the partitions.

4. Put up a wall shelf.


What do celebrity closets, such as Heart Evangelista’s or Chriselle Lim’s, have in common? They make use of storage fixtures such as wall shelves and islands to keep some of their more valuable possessions. You don’t even need to have that much space in your closet. Installing a wall shelf in a vacant corner of the room will give you an added organizer and double as a display for bulky items such as bags and shoes.


5. Find a home for every beauty and bath product.


It’s easy for the lone tub of moisturizer to clutter the bathroom counter, but not when you group it with other similar products and assign each group a container or drawer to call home. The goal is to get these items off your counter.

Kitchen and Pantry

6. Segregate small items using bins or trays.


Spices, herbs, and seasonings typically come in small bottles or boxes. With its size, it can easily get lost in your kitchen cabinets, wasting away until it reaches its expiration date. Sort this out by keeping these small ingredients in trays according to classification: savory seasonings in one, baking needs in another, and herbs and spices in another. If you want to go the extra mile, you can always alphabetize your spices.

7. Alternate your water goblets.


To make more space, you can alternate the direction that your wine glasses or water goblets stand, with tops next to bottoms. 

8. Keep track of what’s in your pantry.

Repurpose an old chalkboard or whiteboard and hang it next to or on your pantry door. There, you can list down which grocery items you are running low on and need to fetch. This will help keep your grocery list organized and prevent you from panic buying. And while you're at it, throw away those that have long expired, too, so they don't eat up precious space.


Home Office

9. Organize your documents.

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to clutter in your work-from-home station is documents piling up. Sort them out using a system: go through them and either throw them in the waste bin or keep them in a filing cabinet or folder. This also applies to your computer files, mind you!


10. Label everything.

Once you’ve sorted out your files and put all your desk supplies in place, label your drawers, boxes, and files. This tip is especially important in properly keeping personal documents that you’ll need every time you apply for a visa, a job, a loan, and other adulting matters.


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