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Hiking is the New Celebrity Pastime

Hiking is the New Celebrity Pastime 7 pics to prove it.

The busy life of an A-lister entails countless hours of appearances, small talk; plus photo, endorsement, TV, and movie shoots. With a crazy sched  like that, we can’t blame them if sometimes they just feel the need to escape. While the beach is always a good idea, walking/hiking can be therapeutic, too. That moment when you finally reach the peak gives off an inexplicable kind of high—a rush, a sense of calm, peace, and stunning scenery all in one. And more and more celebrities are appreciating that.

Below a couple of personalities who have discovered the magic of hiking. 

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff


This jetsetting couple grabs every chance they get to leave the country whenever their busy schedule allows them to. The last time they went to Nepal, the two decided to hike up a mountain instead of just strolling around the city. Something you might want to consider trying the next time you travel. 


Coleen Garcia and Billy Joe Crawford


Coleen and Billy did not just hike up the famous Mt. Pulag, they also camped out and stayed there overnight! If you want to see the sunrise like never before, the summit is the best spot to witness daybreak. 

Kim Jones


If her stunning photos won't make you want to sign up for a hiking trip stat, we don't know what will. She's proof that you can be stylish wherever you are as seen in her Mt. Pulag and Mt. Taal top-of-the-mountain-OOTDs made special with the breathtaking sea of clouds. 

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Solenn Heussaff


The reason Solenn has one of the best bodies there is, is because she works out every chance she gets. Walking up a mountain like Mt. Maranat is a great way to burn calories, natch. In the US, hiking is actually a common workout for various celebs since there are trails available within the city. 

Georgina Wilson



Georgina Wilson does more than just shopping in Hong Kong. Some commercial trails are already paved for tourists, making it easier to trek. It may look easy peasy, but it's a true test of endurance. Try jogging up The Peak the next time you're in HK. 

Angel Locsin

Even Angel Locsin whose element is water (she's a swimmer), is obviously now addicted to hiking. She climbed Mt. Pico de Loro, Mt. Pinatubo, and Mt. Pulag—all three in one month!

Rhian Ramos


When Rhian Ramos climbed a mountain, she got a tattoo old school style. Buscalan, Kalinga is home to apo Whang-Od, one of the last Kalinga tatoo artists. Folks who hike up there do so to either witness her artistry or get inked. 

Click here for a few things you need to remember before climbing a mountain. 

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