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Hidden Pretty Walls in BGC Perfect for Your IG #OOTD

Some places to hit to make your feed fresh again!
Hidden Pretty Walls in BGC Perfect for Your IG #OOTD Some places to hit to make your feed fresh again!

Looking to up your Instagram game? Here’s something we all know to be true: Half of what makes a perfect shot, is the perfect spot. Scroll through your feed, and you’re bound to come across an instaworthy wall of BGC. There are far too many, and we know them all too well. I’m sure you’ve seen them. You know the astronaut, the book art in Fully Booked, and the spray paint graffiti all along High Street. They’re all amazing work, don’t get me wrong. But if you find yourself traipsing around this city, do something different and try one of these lesser known walls instead.

The Secret Alley at The Fort Strip

There’s a pathway by Puzzles Board Game Lounge leading to Boutique Burger Kitchen. You’ll find the alley with back entrances to all the restaurants. The walls, doors and steps are reminiscent of exterior sets in Warner Bros. Studios.


The Lights at The Fort Strip

If you’re at BGC at night, try to have some fun with colorful lights. The outside wall of KPub BBQ will definitely make your followers wonder where your travels have taken you.

Inside One and Two Parkade

The walls of One and Two Parkade look great in photos, especially when taking photos from the inside. The geometric angles look particularly insta-worthy when light peeks through just the right way.

The Nearly Empty High Street Central

You can live out your abandoned mall photo shoot dreams right on High Street. The building that houses MUJI in BHS Central is the perfect spot for just that.


IMAGE Mikko Sumulong


IMAGE Mikko Sumulong


The Black Brick Wall by The List Salon

Walk along Lane P, and you’ll find this hard-to-miss black brick wall behind The List Salon. Have your IG-boyfriend snap shots on the other side of the street, out of the way of passing cars.