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Here’s How You Can Launch a Blogging Career

Heed Laureen Uy's expert advice!
Here’s How You Can Launch a Blogging Career
Heed Laureen Uy's expert advice!

Blogging is no joke, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication if you want to turn it from a simple hobby to your future bread and butter. Most importantly, in order to be a successful blogger, you have to be really passionate about it, too—and you can take Laureen Uy’s word for it!

“I started my blog seven years ago because I wanted a platform where I can just post photos—it's really more of a visual diary for me,” she said in her most recent video, which talks about the basics of starting a website. “I really love taking photos and I love styling myself and I love dressing up so, for me, why not just [create] a platform where everyone can see it?”

In the video below, Manuel Schuster of Mr. Digital Nomad, joins Laureen in giving some expert tips on how to create a blog. Want to launch a blogging career? Then watch this first!



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