Here's Everything You Need To Know About These Chic + Sustainable Products StyleBible Preview

Here's Everything You Need To Know About These Chic + Sustainable Products

You can wear these stylish, eco-friendly pieces and home products anywhere.
Here's Everything You Need To Know About These Chic + Sustainable Products

You may come across the term “sustainable” every now and then when scrolling through your feed, checking out your fave e-commerce platforms, or even after talking with your friends. And with more people choosing to patronize reusable items like metal straws or upcycled style staples like tops made from thrifted clothing, it's clear that sustainability isn’t just a gimmick. And that's because people are getting serious about the climate crisis. Pollution, rising sea levels, and global warming are all huge threats to humanity, which is why, now more than ever, we must be eco-conscious and intentional about the things we buy. Even different brands have received the memo.

Avon, for example, has launched its sustainability products, which include fashion, lifestyle, and home items that are sustainably produced for everyday use. This is part of the Commitment to Life initiative of Natura &Co—Avon's parent company—and Avon has also aligned with its commitments and practices. Avon believes in the #BeautyofDoingGood, and they have set out bold targets for the next decade to step up their actions and tackle some of the world's most pressing issues.

You can also help by taking small steps for a more sustainable lifestyle and supporting brands, like Avon. Brands like these that have joined this movement can help support better treatment for the environment and a better future.

On that note, you can check out these pieces from Avon that let you make a statement on your style, without compromising the environment.

Alainne Organic Cotton Underwire Bra and 3-in-1 Bikini Panty Pack

FYI, underwear shopping doesn't have to be boring! These gorgeous pieces are not only breathable and super soft on the skin, they are also made from responsibly produced organic cotton, known for its antibacterial properties. 

Karen Nicole Piccio, Miss Philippines Earth Eco-Tourism 2019

Each piece is decorated with reprocessed and recycled lace for an ultra-feminine touch. We're obsessed with the dainty colors they come in. 

Jennylyn Mercado 

Save The Earth Watch and Ocean Jewelry Gift Set

These accessories simply scream tropical vibes. Also, by sporting these babies, you will be supporting sustainable fashion. The jewelry is made of eco-resin and the watch is made of PVC-free vegan leather. They also come in packaging made from recycled paper. Small steps, big eco-impact!

Laura Sling Bag and Face Mask Holder

The Laura Sling Bag is a must-have now that we need to do errands as quickly as possible. It’s small enough to carry around easily, but big enough to fit all our essentials. The bag is made from PVC-free vegan leather. We also love that it can give any OOTD a pop of color!

Tip: Use its detachable bead strap as a facemask holder to look trendy even when wearing a mask.

Cleo Wallet and Water Bottle Case

If you prefer something more neutral, check out the Cleo Wallet and Water Bottle Case. This vegan leather pouch can be worn over the shoulder or as a crossbody. It also has straps that you can attach a small water bottle to. That way, you can avoid buying plastic water bottles and bring your reusable one with you at all times! The Cleo Wallet can go with any outfit and is super practical when you need to run to the bank, do errands, or go on a grocery run.

Color-Changing Tumblers

You might want to take the leap and switch to reusable tumblers like this one when ordering out. Not only does it help minimize plastic use, it can also keep you safe given these times.

Silicone Bag

Instead of using single-use baggies, why not use silicone? These bags are reusable, sealable, and are microwave- and freezer-friendly. They also come in two sizes to suit all your needs. See ya, single-use plastic!

Watch Me Now Tote Bag

Going on a grocery run? Make sure to bring a reusable tote bag with you to avoid using plastic bags! This tote is made out of recycled canvas, so you can stay sustainable while being stylish when you carry whatever you shopped for.

Xyra Ballesteros, Miss Philippines Earth 2021 - Nagtipunan, Quirino

Avon’s journey has just started, and with you, they can achieve more. Avon’s partnership with The Plastic Flamingo signals a beautiful journey—one that aims to reduce the brand's and consumers' carbon footprint and contribute to reversing climate change. Part of its project is a plastic collection initiative with The PLAF. Anyone will be able to drop their Avon empties at certain Avon collection bins. These will be brought to The PLAF and will be recycled to avoid them ending up in our landfills and oceans. They also plan on educating their reps and communities about eco-awareness, packaging, animal testing, and reformulation of products. 

The next time you're shopping for home items or style pieces, make sure that you're doing so intentionally and with sustainability in mind—all for the #BeautyofDoingGood. Avon strives to make this easier to do for consumers, and with women heading their sustainability efforts, there's no doubt that the products they come out with will be useful, stylish, and eco-friendly.

Learn more about the #BeautyofDoingGood and Avon’s sustainability efforts at and by watching this video.

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