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A "Heart Evangelista Tiktok Challenge" Exists and Here's What You Need to Do

You know, just strut around your home in high fashion.
A "Heart Evangelista Tiktok Challenge" Exists and Here's What You Need to Do
IMAGE INSTAGRAM @iamhearte, TIKTOK @lme85
You know, just strut around your home in high fashion.

Heart Evangelista has consistently been breaking the internet with her outrageously fashown TikTok videos, in which she's seen traipsing around her humble abode (okay fine, luxe abode) in head-to-toe designer pieces. Just ordinary Heart Evangelista things.


This is how you lose 500 calories ...with grace darling⭐️✔️

♬ The Man - Taylor Swift

Well, it seems that her followers have caught the fashion fever as well, given that a new TikTok challenge has emerged. People are donning their campiest, most extra outfits at home while doing chores such as washing the car, sweeping the floor, and doing the laundry, exactly as Heart did in one of her recent videos (which featured a whopping 11 outfits!).

If you’re willing to take on the “Heart Evangelista challenge” yourself, here are some ideas based on videos we’ve spotted so far:

1. Do the gardening in a trench coat.


Heart Evangelista Challenge Accepted- Sa Labas Ng Bahay Edition. Charot 😂 @Heart Evangelista ##homequarantine ##loveinthetimeofcorona ##fyp ##goodvibes

♬ Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa

It’s unimaginable to do outdoor chores while wearing thick layers, but that’s exactly what this TikToker’s take on the challenge is. Start the morning with a trench coat, go through midday in a wide-brimmed hat (and Burberry scarf!), and end with another longline coat just so you can go from gardening to dinner in a jiffy.

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2. Clean your bathroom in a slip dress.


Heart Evangelista challenge!!! 😅😅😅 ##heartevangelista ##cat ##cats ##catsoftiktok ##dontstartnow ##dontstartnowchallenge ##quarantine ##covid19 ##dualipa

♬ Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa

Think that your slip dress only works for evening affairs? Not in Heart Evangelista’s world. Make the most of your own slip dress by scrubbing your bathroom clean in it. Its relaxed silhouette and major skin exposure will definitely keep you cool amid the sweltering heat.

3. Do the laundry in a pleated skirt.


yes heart?? hahaha ##heart ##tiktokph ##bored ##challenge ##heartevangelista

♬ Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa

Do you hate having to head out in the sun just to hang all your laundry on the clothesline? Well, why don’t you take advantage of being outdoors by wearing sunny prints fit for a tea party? A pleated skirt with a sleeveless button-down should do the trick! 

4. If you’re bored, just throw on all your OOTDs in one day.


##enjoyathome ##boreinthehouse ##homequarantine ##ootdchallenge ##tiktokphiliippines ##fyp ##foryou @Heart Evangelista

♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE - Curtis Roach

Not in the mood for chores but still in the mood to look extra? Make like Heart and throw on 11 different outfits in one video! Make sure each look is unique so as to really make an impact when they all come together. 

5. Make your living room a catwalk.


##heartevangelista ##challenge

♬ Problem (Ariana Grande Cover) - By Line

If you’re itching to flaunt your outfits but have nowhere to go, why don’t you round up your family members and have your own little fashion show? You don’t need a lot of props, either—just enough space for you to sashay on. We like how this video creates “magical” transitions, too! 


6. Wash your car in high heels.


##heartevangelista challenge 😘

♬ original sound  - Mary Grace R. Sangha

Perhaps the most challenging idea we’ve seen so far is washing your car in high heels! While this TikToker took comfort into account by wearing a jumpsuit, it must have hurt to wear those towering heels all day. Props to you for acing the Heart Evangelista challenge!

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