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Heart Evangelista Had a Fiery Clapback Against Bashers Claiming She’s Not Happy with Her Life

Heart Evangelista Had a Fiery Clapback Against Bashers Claiming She’s Not Happy with Her Life
IMAGE Instagram/iamhearte
"Do you want me to cry blood or something?"

You’d think that, by now, internet trolls would have learned that Heart Evangelista isn’t one to back down. But unfortunately, others still haven’t.

Despite the fact that the actress and style influencer continues to make waves in the international fashion scene, rude comments are still pouring in once in a while, judging her for every action broadcasted on social media. Admittedly, there are times that she gets affected by the critics. “It gets to you. Like how people ask you, ‘When are you gonna get pregnant?’ They ask, ‘Oh, you’re not really happy because you have sad eyes.’ Dear, mabigat lang ‘yung lashes ko! You know, nakakainis,” she said in an interview.

She added, “Guys, this is my life. Who said I didn’t want a baby? Who said I didn’t want to be a mom? I was a mom, right? Bubuklatin niyo ba ulit ‘yung buhay ko again and again? What, do you want me to cry blood or something to satisfy you? It’s not like that.”

PHOTO BY Instagram/iamhearte

Heart continued, opening up about calling people out—including loved ones—whenever they offend her. “I fight for myself every day. Even with the people that love me, I still have to correct them, you know? And I love it. I love doing that for myself now because before, I was such a pushover.”

Further, she gives advice to people who are struggling with handling negativity. “Don’t pressure yourself so much. Okay fine, you’re pressured, I get it, but it’s part of the process. Eventually you will develop immunity to everything that you’re feeling and you’ll just get stronger and stronger.

“You’re gonna be the number one person that’s gonna defend yourself. And your dog,” she joked. “And of course you’ll meet someone great naman but at the end of the day, it’s still about yourself. It’s okay, you’ll be fine.”

Well said, Heart!

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