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Chiz Escudero's Kids Treated Heart Evangelista to a Touching Mother's Day Lunch

So sweet! Here's a peek into her life as a stepmom.
Chiz Escudero's Kids Treated Heart Evangelista to a Touching Mother's Day Lunch
So sweet! Here's a peek into her life as a stepmom.

Heart Evangelista was treated to a Mother's Day lunch by her stepkids Quino and Chesi. The actress captured the endearing moment, putting it out on her Instagram Stories.


Quino and Chesi—who are kids of Heart's husband, Sorsogon Governor Francis "Chiz" Escudero, with his first wife Christine Elizabeth Flores—also gave Heart a Mother's Day card.


Published as is, a part of Quino's handwritten Mother's Day message reads: "Thank you for always being here for us and being basically our mother figure while in quarantine and we don't see Daddy and our mom everyday.

"Us spending time here at home together has really shown me and Ate your love for Daddy, for us, for our dogs, for all we are with in the house and your fellow Filipinos.

"We saw how strong you are and how you can take care of a household without having experience as a parent.

"But, we also see that you still need support from others whenever a situation like Casper's passing and your anxiety and other things we see so we will also promise to be there for you as you have been there for us especially these past few weeks."

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Casper was the second dog Heart has lost while the city is under enforced quarantine.

The first one was a foster puppy named Linda.

Heart's relationship with Quino and Chesi

Every now and then, Heart would post photos and videos of her bonding time with the 12-year-old twins.

The most recent was a vlog on her YouTube channel.


In one of her "Dear Heart" vlog segments, where fans get to ask the Kapuso star about love and relationships, she spoke at length about being a stepmom.

A fan wrote: "I'm currently with a man who has children from his past marriage. The kids are kind to me, although we've only met a few times in the two years we've been together. I'm honestly not sure how I should position myself. Any advice?"


Speaking from experience, Heart replied, "You have to make sure you’re alright with that [your partner having kids]. If you’re fine with it, you really have to embrace it. Even if they [the kids] don't stay with you, you have to embrace the idea that they're also going to be yours. Because they are an extension of the person you love."


Heart remembered how "confused" she was about handling kids.

Heart and Chiz began their romance in 2012. Chiz's children were then four years old.

The actress remarked, "I remember there was this moment where I had one eyeliner on, and Chesi was being difficult. My hair was wet, and I was doing her ponytail and she was crying. We were in the States and there was no yaya. I'm like, 'Oh my god,' I really questioned myself: 'Can I really do it?' Because it's really going to push you to your limit...Because technically, they're not really yours. You have to really think about it."


Through this experience, Heart realized that having a child is "very special."

She continued, "Your patience has to be the long and winding road, you know? But if you really love somebody, honestly, it's a blessing that they have an extension or there's another person that's blood-related to them."

Heart said that having Quino and Chesi live with her and Chiz makes her feel "very blessed."


She added, "We're really, really happy and it all worked out.

"I prayed a lot and everything is really good. Better than ever, so I’m very thankful."

Heart and Baby Mira

There was a time in 2018 when Heart almost had her chance to become a mother herself. Heart and Chiz were expecting twins, but early in the pregnancy, they lost one of the two. The couple announced Heart's pregnancy in May 2018A month later, they lost the remaining twin, whom she named Mira.


Heart and Chiz were married on February 15, 2015.

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