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Heart Evangelista Has the Best Advice If You’re Feeling Lost in Your 20s

She reminds us that these feelings are normal.
Heart Evangelista Has the Best Advice If You’re Feeling Lost in Your 20s
IMAGE Instagram/@iamhearte & TikTok/lme85
She reminds us that these feelings are normal.

The name Heart Evangelista was not built overnight. After working in showbiz for over a decade, becoming a businesswoman in her own right, and finding international recognition (like becoming part of Vogue's 100 and being recognized by Forbes France as one of the top luxury influencers), she definitely knows a thing or two about the highs and lows of having a career.

Hence, it's probably wise to heed her advice when it comes to building your own career. One TikTok user recently asked Heart for career advice if you're feeling lost in your early 20s. In a one-minute video, Heart gave her two cents on the matter. 

WATCH: Heart Evangelista's career advice when you're in your 20s

Heart starts out by saying that feeling lost and pressured in their 20s is normal. She says, “You’re 20, you have time. You’re so young.” Heart believes that these things happen for a reason, because one is supposed "to keep searching and to keep re-discovering oneself until you know who you are." However, she adds a sobering warning: "It will take a thousand and something teardrops to match all of that."


According to the video, Heart has gone through a similar difficult time wherein she lost everything, as she suffered through financial struggles (Remember when the actress recalled just having P30 to her name?) and drawbacks in her career.

To bounce back, she started anew and took some time to understand her situation. This is what she advises: "to press the restart button and see what you have and don’t have." Heart concludes the video by acknowledging that "feeling lost or pressured can aid your character development, which will give you strength to go for your dreams."

Such wise words, Heart!

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