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6 Healthy Substitutes for Milk Tea, Ice Cream, and More of Your Favorite Snacks

With these, you can eat to your heart’s content, guilt free!
6 Healthy Substitutes for Milk Tea, Ice Cream, and More of Your Favorite Snacks
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With these, you can eat to your heart’s content, guilt free!

Now that the holiday season is over, we can’t help but reminisce on the loads of food we inhaled over the long break.  But after all that, we won't be surprised if you have already rolled out your yoga mat, and tried a cleanse or a diet to get your pre-holiday body back. But here’s another idea for you!

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Everyone knows that eating is as essential as breathing, and there’s no better time than the present to try these cleaner snack alternatives to accompany your health goals without depriving yourself. To make sure you’re still eating well while keeping your fitness agenda intact (coupled with proper exercise of course), we’ve found healthier substitutes for your favorite snacks and drinks. With these goodies, you can eat to your stomach and heart’s delight, guilt-, preservative-, and cruelty-free


Here are 6 Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Snacks

1. Milk Tea from Marikina Vegan

Milk tea enthusiasts need to try this vegan option that comes in two fruity flavours, made with love and the most refreshing ingredients ever! Indulge in Marikina Vegan’s vegan Strawberry Spiced Milk Tea surrounded by a dollop of slightly sweetened homemade real strawberry jam, and their Vanilla Peach Milk Tea with pureed peaches. Chia seeds and sago sinkers fill nearly half the glass bottle for that extra texture in your mouth!

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Strawberry Spiced Milk Tea & Vanilla Peach Milk Tea, P190/350 mL, MARIKINA VEGAN, Available online

2. Chips from Take Root PH

If you’re looking to include more greens in your diet, kale chips are one way you can do so! Eating vegetables is now made easier as these chips from Take Root PH also come in the sweet, spicy or salty flavours that you’ve always loved. These high-protein snacks are pesticide-free, gluten-free and entirely vegan. Perfect to munch on at home or take with you when you head out!


Kale Chips in Cheezy Vegan, P135/35 g, TAKE ROOT PH, Available online

Kale Chips in Sour Cream & Chive, P220/60 g, TAKE ROOT PHAvailable online

3. Sweets from Luciana’s Maison Bakery and Mad Batter Co. Bakery

We all sometimes go overboard when eating our favorite sweets. Here’s an ideal alternative: Lighter Cinnamon Rolls by Luciana’s Maison Bakery is made with soy milk, organic sugar and pink himalayan salt. Another crowd favorite is their Granola De Luciana, curated with a perfect blend of seeds, nuts, dried fruits and high-quality honey. This is the perfect add-on to your yogurt, smoothie or ice cream bowl. If you’re into calorie or macronutrient counting, their Instagram stories have got you covered! 


Lighter Cinnamon Rolls, P675/Half Dozen, LUCIANA'S MAISON BAKERYAvailable online


Granola De Luciana, P675/10 pcs, LUCIANA'S MAISON BAKERYAvailable online

For all you cookie and banana bread lovers, Mad Batter Co. Bakery serves addictive treats that you won’t be able to resist! Their Mini Banana Loaves with vegan chocolate chips are made without butter. It's also gluten-free, grain-free, and sugar-free for that guilt-free goodness. Additionally, you might also want to try their Vegan Dark Chocolate Cookie, which is made with 50% less sugar and 70% South Cotabato dark chocolate chips.


Mini Banana Loaves, P330/6 pcs, MAD BATTER CO. BAKERYAvailable online

Vegan Dark Chocolate Cookie, P390/6 pcs, MAD BATTER CO. BAKERYAvailable online

4. Peanut Butter Spread from Rose’s Kitchen and Nutty Naturals Ph

Whether sweetened, unsweetened, infused with cacao or espresso, nut butters are a versatile spread that everyone needs in their pantry (unless you’re allergic!). For a healthier option to those with a lot of refined sugars, Rose’s Kitchens low-glycemic nut butter is made with organic coconut sugar that instantly adds more flavor and fun to your smoothies, oatmeals, and baked goods. Dubbed their All Natural Midnight Cacao Peanut Butter, it's also suitable for vegan eaters. 


All Natural Midnight Cacao Peanut Butter, P295/340 g, ROSE'S KITCHEN, Available online

Meanwhile, Nutty Naturals Ph’s products are entirely vegan and keto friendly too. Their nut butter jars serve you freshly blended, classic salty and sweetened varieties with an option to add chia, pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds for that extra crunch. 


Classic Almond, P590/16 oz, NUTTY NATURALS PH, Available online

5. Ice Cream from Ambassador’s Ice Cream and Hygge Beverage Company

You can now have your go-to ice cream flavors entirely dairy-free! Ambassador’s Ice Cream carries a variety of flavors from Horchata Almonds to Strawberry Cheesecake! Their famous Pili Whiskey Ice Cream is infused with bananas and coconut sugar, and has just the right amount of (you guessed it!) alcohol for that tingly feeling. It’s lactose- and cholesterol-free, too! 


Horchata with Almonds Ice Cream, P375/pint, AMBASSADOR'S ICE CREAM, Available online


Strawberry Cheesecake, P375/pint,  AMBASSADOR'S ICE CREAM, Available online

If you’re looking for artisanal gelatos, Hygge Beverage Company sells 100% vegan, 100% dairy- and egg-free gelatos in four flavours: chocolate, stracciatella, coffee, and strawberry. Crafted in small batches, their Hygge Gelato Coffee uses quality Oatly oat milk and Italian Espresso, all for 58 calories per serving! How amazing is that?


Hygge Gelato Coffee, P420/pint,  HYGEE BEVERAGE COMPANY, Available online

6. Milk from Nut Milk Bar

Milk has always been a staple in a childhood diet whether in liquid or powdered form. Nut Milk Bar sells a variety of milk created from 100% plant-based ingredients. Made entirely from oats, cashews, and almonds, their products come in sweetened or unsweetened varieties to cater to your preferences. FYI, they also share a number of Nut Milk Bar recipes via their IG stories to help you DIY your own milk-based beverages and goodies, including puddings, granola bowls, smoothies, homemade ice creams, milkshakes, lattes and caffeinated drinks. 


Oat Milk Sweetened, P225/500 mL, NUT MILK BAR, Available online

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