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Has Instagram Ruined the Way We See Museums?

Are museums now just Instagram traps?
Has Instagram Ruined the Way We See Museums?
IMAGE Dessert Museum
Are museums now just Instagram traps?

Gone are the days when most people would visit museums and simply sit in silence while basking in the glory of an artwork, maybe attempt to analyze it as best as they can, or try to decipher the meaning behind it. Then again, never has any museum been flocked so much by an eager populace hoping to take photos left and right...until the advent of the Instagram age.

While there's nothing wrong with appreciating an artwork by taking a selfie or two (some may even chalk it up to free advertising), is it possible that we've gone too far? Do we only now see the value in museums at the surface level, and if the art in them can be deemed aesthetic enough for our Instagram feeds? Are museums and artists then being pushed to answer to the profitability of pretty installations, instead of letting art be for art's sake? That is: something that disturbs, questions, or comments on a status quo? Have we lost interest in valuing art that actually means something?


Watch the video below and join in on the discussion.

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