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Chic Hanging Plants You Can Shop Online for Your Indoor Garden

Chic Hanging Plants You Can Shop Online for Your Indoor Garden
IMAGE INSTAGRAM.COM/plantshopper, INSTAGRAM.COM/spruceplantshop
Check out these space-saving plants!

Think you have no space for indoor plants? However, your walls might have plenty of room for some hanging plants. There are all sorts of plants that grow rapidly in meters, and when planted in a hanging basket, they can add a comforting touch to a home. Check them out below: 

Heartleaf Philodedron from Spruce Plants Shop 

This adorable hanging plant—otherwise known as the sweetheart—has glossy leaves shaped like a heart. Perfect for indoors, it can thrive in low-light areas, but it grows much faster in a spot with bright, indirect light. According to the Guide to Houseplants, its long stems can grow up to four feet. 

Lipstick vein plant from Plant Home PH 

This trailing plant loves humidity so don't forget to regularly mist it! Fun fact: There are so many varieities of lipstick plants. Some can produce gorgeous flowers that emerge from red-colored tubes, which explains why it's called as a 'lipstick' plant.


Wandering Jew from Fresh Spaces MNL 

This trailing houseplant with pink leaves will add a pop of color to your living space! 

Tiger Fern Plant from Plant Shopper

Decorate a bare wall with this striking plant with long, ruffled leaves. According to the Plant Shopper, the Tiger Fern plant "can be kept indoors, [but] make sure to place it an area where it will receive moderate light." 

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Ivy Plants from Plant Shopper 

An ivy plant can give a charming outdoor feel to your living room or bedroom. Its long vines produces three-pronged leaves, which grow in various sizes. You can use this fast-growing plant to beautifully cover unwelcome features in your home. 


Pothos N' Joy from Plant Parenthood PH 

This variegated plant has leaves with an interesting mix of white and green. Gardening Know How notes that the plant, however, can lose some of its white color if placed in low-light areas. "Only the green parts of the leaves can make energy for the plant, so it must be able to get enough light for energy or its growth will slow or the leaves will compensate for the lack of light by becoming more green." 

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