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A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Dinner and Drinks: BGC Hotspots

Time to round up the gang!
A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Dinner and Drinks: BGC Hotspots Time to round up the gang!

Heading out for a round of drinks after a long stressful week at the office? Round up the gang for dinner and drinks at these BGC hotspots:

The filling station: Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Café

Icon Plaza, 26th St., BGC

Ease your way into weekend mode starting with a filling dinner of hearty all-day breakfast meals at Unit 27. Don’t be so quick to head out once you’ve finished, though. You might want to check out the bar and crowd upstairs to see if you feel like staying and pre-gaming there instead.


SB Tip: Linger right around the corner and find your way to the Bank Bar and sample their Mariang Bastos.

The pre-game: Ocean's Telephone Company

2F Frank and Dean, Burgos Circle, BGC

Speaking of pre-game, the new speakeasy hidden behind telephone booths on the second floor of Frank and Dean has become a hotspot for the 20-something yuppie. Order up a few drinks and catch up with friends as you wait for the alcohol to kick in before leaving for your next Friday night destination.

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The main attraction: Tipple and Slaw

2F The Forum, 7th Ave. cor Federacion Drive, BGC

What’s a Friday night hang-out without good music? A personal favorite of ours, Tipple definitely is the place to be if you want to listen to good music and get, um, turnt (not in a party rave kind of way) but loose enough to dance and sing along with the crowd.


The after party: The Brewery

The Palace, 10th Ave. cor 38th St., Uptown Fort, BGC

Head over to this new nook at the Palace to continue the night. Sip on beer and find yourself savouring the weekend.


The sober up: Recovery Food

Crossroads Building, 32nd St. cor 8th Ave., BGC

They call it recovery for a reason. End your night as you chow down on their yummy rice meals that perfectly soak up the alcohol in your system.

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