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5 Places Where You Can Shop and Eat If You're Gluten-Free

Stock up, celiacs!
5 Places Where You Can Shop and Eat If You're Gluten-Free
IMAGE FACEBOOK/AmoresGlutenFreeFoods
Stock up, celiacs!

Going gluten-free is a breeze if you know exactly where to shop. In fact, you might even be surprised by how easy it is to go wheatless! Check out our list below and find out where you can satisfy your cravings:



Gerald has an entire section dedicated to gluten-free products. Stock up on pasta, bread, and instant pastry mixes and have everything delivered right to your doorstep! Did we mention that you can shop for their products online, too?

2. Jertie's Kitchen

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/jertieskitchen

To satisfy you sweet tooth, Jertie's Kitchen whips up the best vegan and gluten-free desserts around. With their creations, you can taste the same sweetness and decadence of normal desserts without the guilt!

3. Amores Gluten Free Foods

IMAGE FACEBOOK/amoresglutenfreefoods

Amores believes that even celiacs deserve good quality pastries. They look so good that the unassuming eye will never know that it's wheat and dairy-free. Shop for their delicious cupcakes, cakes, and bread to see for yourself!

4. Healthy Options

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/healthyoptionsph

This food store remains to be the health nut's true haven. They cater to every diet possible, and yes, that includes a gluten-free one! The best part? There are a ton of Healthy Options branches nationwide, so you'll never run out of your gluten-free pantry staples.

5. Susi



Susi, which translates to "key" in Filipino, is a rare gem. It's probably the only fully plant-based and gluten-free restaurant in Manila! So when you're too lazy to cook up a gluten-free feast, you can head over to Forbes Town Center for a healthy and hearty meal!


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