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I Attended This Free Online Workout Weekend Class and I've Never Felt So Good

Globe Platinum partnered with Electric Studio to provide homeschool kits to students in need.
I Attended This Free Online Workout Weekend Class and I've Never Felt So Good

Since it’s totally not okay to hit the gym right now, home workouts have become a part of our new normal so we can stay fit and healthy. In order to motivate us even more, Globe Platinum, in partnership with Electric Studio, recently held Electric Weekend—three days of online workout classes that aimed to take fitness sessions to a whole new level. Classes were held on the SHOOR experience website.

Free and exclusive to Globe Platinum subscribers, the classes included Electric Rhythm Boxing, Pure Electric indoor cycling, and Sunday Electric Strength Training for core and upper body muscles.

Even better: What made these sessions all the more fulfilling was that for each workout class they joined, Globe Platinum matched it with a donation of World Vision school kits to the kids of Baseco Compound in Manila. With the hope that they may become the future heroes of our nation, these children need learning supplies to help them continue their education at home during the pandemic.

Globe Platinum’s Electric Weekend was definitely a unique workout experience and we got to learn more about it from Preview’s Nicole Cruz. Here’s what she had to say:

Is this your first time to try an online workout class?

I have never tried online workout classes before. I've always been iffy about online Zoom workouts, but I thought of giving it a chance. I ended up loving it, because you have a live trainer guiding you every step of the way. Plus, it felt cool to sign up for an exclusive event with Globe!

During the online workout class, what were some of the activities you enjoyed doing?

I only tried the Strength Training class because of conflicts in my schedule. It exceeded my expectations! At first, I thought the workout would be a breeze but the level of difficulty increased as time passed, which I appreciated. It's always good to challenge yourself because that's how you get stronger. I loved that the workout not only engaged my arms and abs but also my legs and glutes. My muscles hurt afterward but I would definitely try it again because it gave many muscle groups a workout. Plus, the duration (40 minutes) was just enough! I didn't get bored at all.

How were you able to get the workout equipment you need? Was it easy to sign up on SHOOR and secure a spot?

Since I only joined the Strength Training class, I only needed dumbbells. The delivery was very quick. I had signed up just two days before the package arrived! I was so surprised. Kudos to the team behind the event. I also appreciate how the workout kit also included a towel and a water bottle.

What were your takeaways from the class?

The workout class felt rewarding because the trainer would remind us after every interval that a number of school kits would be given to the kids of Baseco. It made me push even harder and kept me determined to finish the entire workout. There were times when I felt like giving up because my muscles were sore, but knowing that the whole event was for a good cause motivated me to make it ’til the end! I love charity events and will gladly do anything for those in need.

My greatest takeaway from the class is that there are many unique ways I could help others. I didn't know working out could be one of them, but it felt great to know that my determination was not only making me stronger but helped to lift other people up, too.

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Globe Platinum's Electric Weekend is part of its #ForFutureHeroes campaign that lets subscribers try at-home lifestyle activities for a good cause. For more details about #ForFutureHeroes, visit the website or follow Globe Platinum on Facebook.

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