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10 Practical Habits to Be Successful, According To These Inspiring Filipinas

"I prepare the night before; I don’t believe in winging it."
10 Practical Habits to Be Successful, According To These Inspiring Filipinas
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/rissamananquiltrillo, lizzzuy
"I prepare the night before; I don’t believe in winging it."

What makes a woman successful and empowered? According to Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, Liz Uy, and Karen Davila, it’s not all about just building your own empire or being a cool girl, per se. It’s about taking the time to get to know yourself, trusting that you’re capable of going after what you want, and most of all, being human–unapologetically. 


Just in time for women's month, these successful women discuss what it takes to excel and enjoy life. And from their discourse, we pick up 10 golden habits to form so you can be your best self.

Rissa Mananquil Trillo, Happy Skin Cosmetics Co-Founder

1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fashion and beauty .

"When I was younger, I would really be so much into trends and enjoy trying out everything and actually, that’s the best time to try trends because that’s when you’ll realize what works for you, what suits your body type, and what colors flatter you."

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2. Make sure that you just don't look good in your 'fit. You also have to feel comfy.

"If you don’t feel comfortable [in what you're wearing], even if it’s a designer outfit, or an ukay outfit, ultimately you’re not gonna look your best unless you’re comfortable." 

3. Set your priorities and include rest on your list.

"I used to be a perfectionist, maybe I still am. It’s my best and worst trait but I’ve come to realize it can really burn you out. So, I think it’s important for you to be able to juggle things. Make a list of your priorities so you’ll know how to manage your energy and your time. Otherwise, you’ll always end up scrambling."


Bianca Gonzalez, TV Host and Author of Paano Ba ‘To

4. Wear red to feel powerful.

Colors can set your mood and influence your outlook for the day. For those times that she needs an extra push, Bianca finds herself gravitating towards the color red. It's an instant confidence booster!

5. Start the day right by waking up one hour before needed.

"I make sure to wake up an hour before a certain time so I have coffee and quiet time without being rushed. When you start your day where you’re not rushed and not stressed, it kind of sets the mood for the rest of your day."


Liz Uy, Stylist and Entrepreneur

6. Take the time to assess what you really want to do in life as often as necessary.

"You should know what you want in life. You have to be focused, like is this really what I want? Is this making me happy? Because life is too short to wake up every single day unhappy."



7. Don’t be afraid to delegate.

"I have an organizer where I put my to-do list. I have a daily planner so whatever I don’t finish in a day, it gets carried over the next. Also, I’m very good at delegating. In the morning, I talk to my StyLized team, I talk to my Mood Bake team, and I talk to my household team. There’s no shame in delegating because it makes you more efficient."


Karen Davila, Journalist and Advocate

8. When it comes to giving your best, preparation is still key.

"I prepare the night before; I don’t believe in winging it. I always come prepared [with my notes]. Despite that sometimes you might not really get the results you want but that’s really the mantra I come in with."


9. Maintain genuine friendships that’ll keep you grounded.

"I think it’s not completely good for the soul when you don’t have your old friends. I’m a strong believer in keeping old and simple friends because you need people to keep you grounded. It’s necessary that someone tells you the truth, that someone loves you for who you really are. You have to make sure to find those people and you have to nurture them."


10. Don’t make failure an option.

"Don’t even have the thinking of I can’t do it. That’s not part of the vocabulary. It should be I can do it. I grew up thinking failure is not an option in life. You may fail doing some projects but overall, the race is about life, how you live your life. I never consider that I would fail in life. You have to decide what kind of woman you are and everything will follow. When you make a decision that you are a woman that is powerful, believe me, you are equipped. It is already within you."


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