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This Gift-Giving Idea Makes It Easier to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special

It's a game-changer!
This Gift-Giving Idea Makes It Easier to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special It's a game-changer!

A simple act of gift-giving shows the people who are important to you that they are in your thoughts. But let's face it, purchasing (or making) presents does take time—and quite frankly, not everyone has the luxury of it. Enter: gift boxes, a ready-made selection of objects curated based on the interests of the recipient.

Preview reached out to Maxinne Ignacio of Las Arca and Beverly San Luis of Sage and Ivory Box to enlighten us more on how gift boxes really work. Learn more from their interview below:


How does the gift box concept work?

Maxinne Ignacio: "We have pre-curated gift box collections, which have pre-selected gift items per gift box. Clients can order the gift box as is but still have the option to swap in or swap out items as they like. We also do custom curated gift boxes, wherein clients just have to give us their price point per box, the theme they want, or their desired color motif or if there are specific gift items they want to include. We then give them the gift box proposals (for their approval) based on the specifications they provided. We work closely with clients for the custom gift boxes in order to curate [them just the way] they want it."

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Beverly San Luis: "We have a concierge that does full-service gifting from single to bulk orders, pre-curated to custom gifts, and low to high budgets."

How did you come up with the idea of gift boxes?

Maxinne: "It is our aim to help our clients spark love and joy through meaningful gifting. We dream of helping people source and curate beautiful and useful items that inspire love and wellness—where each bespoke, thoughtful gift becomes their little gift of love."


Beverly: "For Las Arca, I was closing my previous business and had some inventory left over. I wanted to bundle these items together and sell them as a package. I searched for packaging inspiration online and came across a lot of great boxed gift sets from abroad. I figured, I haven’t really seen this done in Manila so I decided to do it here."


How do you approach gift-giving?

Maxinne: "I believe in the mantra, 'A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.' Gift giving has always been our little way to show our gratitude. With meaningful gifting, we are able to reinforce our feelings to our dear ones. It becomes our small way to show that we care, and how they mean the world to us."

Beverly: "We select and edit one-of-a-kind local products and a few imported items that amplify the gesture of each box. Can’t think of the best way to say 'I love you'? Then let us help you."

What sets you apart from other gift box companies?

Maxinne: "We focus on meaningful gifting through beautiful and useful items that speak of joy and wellness. And because we advocate wellness so much, we strongly do away and would never include items that we do not support such as cigarettes and tobacco, and items that underwent animal testing. We also highly support local products. 95% of the gift items we inlcude in the boxes are made in the Philippines."


Beverly: "I think what makes us unique is our taste and style. We try to balance elegant items with local indie products so not only are the items individually amazing, but the entire box is visually appealing, too. We try to constantly evolve with our customers so we do a lot of trend research to give everyone one-of-kind, amazing gifts all the time."

Ready to assemble your first gift box? Check out these local gift box companies that can cater to your needs:

1. Winsome Box

Winsome Box Gift Curating Studio crafts gift boxes that will remind its receivers of memories, experiences, and special moments. Hinged on the idea of gifting gratitude, they make sure that each bespoke box contains high-quality items by by partnering with Filipino brands, local makers, and artisans.


2. Sage and Ivory Box

Sage and Ivory is dedicated to boxing up the gift of relaxation and wellness. They have themed boxes like Lavender, Rose, Revitalize, and Pamper that include items you can swap according to your preference.

3. Las Arca

Las Arca has pre-curated boxes that you can use as a basis for your customized box. You can even give them a budget to work with to make your gift box. Additionally, you can even coordinate with them to build a gift box around an existing item filled with items that complement your main gift.


4. Gyftia 

Gyftia makes it a point you have a personal touch to your gift box. From its contents to its packaging, you get to decide on what they use to assemble your special boxes. But if you're stumped and don't know where to start, perhaps their themed boxes can help start your curating experience. From housewarming box sets to gardening and cooking boxes, Gyftia has you covered.