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10 Must-Watch Halloween Movies and TV Shows from Your Favorite Gen Z Celebs

Another Halloween in quarantine? We got you.
10 Must-Watch Halloween Movies and TV Shows from Your Favorite Gen Z Celebs
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Another Halloween in quarantine? We got you.

The clock strikes midnight. It's officially October 31st. You're cooped up in bed, with the only source of light being your laptop screen. You tuck your feet under your blanket lest anything from under your bed grabs them. Suddenly, your laptop turns pitch black, and so does your whole room. For a second, you panic—is anyone watching you? Is there anyone (or anything) else in your room? Then you hear a familiar hum as the Netflix logo spans across your computer screen. You're relieved. It's time for a Halloween movie night.

With spooky season in full swing, the best way to celebrate in these COVID-ridden times is to binge one or two goosebumps-worthy films or TV shows. We're pretty sure our favorite celebs and influencers can agree that while we prefer going out in extravagant costumes, the best alternative is to tune in to some thrilling movies or series. We've gathered some suggestions from them that surely deserve a spot in your Halloween night marathon list. Don't fret, because there's nothing to be afraid of—for now.


Here are 10 movies and TV Shows to watch this Halloween season, as recommended by your favorite celebs and influencers

1. Corpse Bride (2005, directed by Mike Johnson and Tim Burton)

"I recommend Corpse Bride (2005), since I find the animation style so beautiful, as well as the storyline. It's also a musical which I really enjoyed. My sisters and I fell in love with the film the first time we saw it. We watched the film growing up, it's actually almost like a yearly tradition [for] us since we would watch the film every Halloween season. It will always be one of my favorite films." - Angelina Cruz

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PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/angelinaisabele, Corpse Bride/Tim Burton Productions, Laika, Patalex II Productions

2. Bojack Horseman (2014-2020, directed Amy Winfrey)

"I strongly recommend Bojack Horseman. That series is scary! I even skipped some episodes kasi hindi ko talaga kinaya!" - Mimiyuuuh

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/mimiyuuuh, Bojack Horseman/Tornante Television, Boxer vs. Raptor, ShadowMachine

3. Scream Franchise (1996, 1997, 2000, 2011, directed by Wes Craven)

"I'd recommend the Scream film franchise (1996, 1997, 2000, 2011) because they're absolute classics." - Ylona Garcia

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/ylonagarcia, Scream/Woods Entertainment

4. Gone Girl (2014, directed by David Fincher)

"Probably Gone Girl! It's a movie that anyone (16 above) can follow through and it has a subtle, chilling terror that sets the entire tone of the movie. Perfect for scaredy cats looking for a mystery thriller this Halloween!" - Casey Merritt

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/caseymerritttt, Gone Girl/Regency Enterprises and TSG Entertainment

5. Eerie (2019, directed by Mikhail Red)

"[Eerie (2019)] is perfect to watch during the Halloween season since horror po sya HAHA. [Para] po siya sa mga gustong maging eerie pa ang kanilang Halloween and... it [also] has an important message to tell viewers. Not only [will you] be spooked after watching it, but you'll be aware of the effects of bullying and how it affects the mental health of people." - Gillian Vicencio

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/_gillianvicencio, Eerie/ABS-CBN Film Productions, PelikulaRed, Cre8 Productions, URSA Studios, Media East

6. Get Out (2017, directed by Jordan Peele) 

"I would have to say Get Out because it's one of my favorite movies! It's not the typical scary horror movie but it's eerie enough for Halloween." - Maureen Wroblewitz

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/mauwrob, Get Out/Blumhouse Productions, QC Entertainment, Monkeypaw Productions

7. Zombieland (2009, directed by Ruben Fleischer)

"Zombieland! Because, first of all, it's a very classic movie. Maybe while watching it again, you can remember the time when you first watched it. And it's a mixture of comedy and thriller. Well, it's not like a really scary movie, the type that you need to cover your eyes or ears. But, it's like a balanced movie. the humor is there, as well as [the] thrill that [is] somehow necesarry." - Kyline Alcantara


PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/itskylinealcantara, Zombieland/Columbia Pictures, Relativity Media, Pariah

8. Parasite (2019, directed by Bong Joon Ho)

"I'd suggest Parasite, released 2019. It's the perfect mix of great art + a thrilling storyline for the eeriness of Halloween." - Hannah Pangilinan

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/hannahpangilinan, Parasite/Barunson E&A

9. Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer (2019, directed by Mark Lewis)

"I would recommend [Don't F**k With Cats] kasi it's not your regular horror film/series kasi totoo sya na nangyari. Ang creepy niya na nakakatakot na kadiri lalo na 'pag inisip mo talaga na 'grabe, may ganyang tao pala talaga.' I think yun yung pinaka-nakakatakot na part doon TBH, na meron mga totoong tao na ganyan na sick in the mind talaga. Warning: Not for the [feint of] heart!" - Andrea Brillantes

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/blythe, Don't F*ck With Cats/Raw TV

10. What A Girl Wants (2003, directed by Dennie Gordon)

"In all honesty, I don't watch horror films anymore because I got traumatized by the movie Insidious when I was a kid HAHA. But if you want to watch a feel good movie after watching horror films, I highly recommend What A Girl Wants starring Amanda Bynes. One of the Y2K chick flicks I grew up watching and loving." - Ashley Garcia

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/ashleyogarcia, What A Girl Wants/Di Novi Pictures, Gaylord Films, Gerber Pictures

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