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8 Beautiful Garden Wedding Venues to Consider for Your Big Day

Plus, important tips to remember when planning a garden wedding!
8 Beautiful Garden Wedding Venues to Consider for Your Big Day
IMAGE Paradiso Terrestre
Plus, important tips to remember when planning a garden wedding!

As Robert Frost did say, "Nature’s first green is gold." So why not take advantage of the priceless God-given gifts already at our disposal and celebrate your vows in a garden-themed wedding and reception? Don’t know where to start? Bookmark this page and read on for your basic garden wedding guide.

Important Things to Remember When Planning a Garden Wedding:

1. Don’t slack on decorations.

Just because you’ll have free reign over lush flora and fauna as your backdrop doesn’t mean you have to let Mother Nature do all the work. Spruce up your venue with your own personality and decorate it the way you would a blank canvas, only with a few elements already drawn in. Bring in a few trellises that you can tastefully embellish with polaroid photos of you and your fiancé. Maybe even gather your favorite flowers for a personalized floral arrangement to act as a centerpiece to your table setup!

2. Prepare to set up a tent.

You can never take your chances with today’s unpredictable weather. If you’ve chosen an all-out outdoor venue—sans glass pavilions, get ahead of the game and throw caution to the wind by having a tent ready just in case your sunny day is greeted by unwanted rainfall. You wouldn’t want your big day to wash out and turn sour now, would you?

3. Remember to hydrate!

In these types of outdoor nuptials, always remember that water is your best friend! Make sure you have an abundance of it ready, especially for your guests who just came from your long ceremony and should be looking to hydrate the moment they step into your reception venue.


4. Provide your guests with insect repellant.

The downside to nature’s beauty? Insects tend to lounge where foliage and flowers bloom. Protect yourself and your guests by reminding them to put on insect repellant, or better yet, give some out as an early party favor.

5. Comfort is key.

It’s important to dress appropriately for the outdoor weather, especially for venues without air-conditioning. Remember to have you and your gusts dress in lightweight, airy, and breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, or silk. As for the ladies? Stay away from stilettos, lest you want to face the risk of having your beloved heels sink into the soil. Flats and blocked heels are your best bets for this type of party.

Now that we’ve got all that laid out, it’s time to choose the perfect garden wedding venue that fits your taste. Check out the list below for chic options!

Gorgeous Garden Wedding Venues to Consider:

1. Paradiso Terrestre, Cavite

You’ll have plenty of choices for your desired garden wedding reception with the number of options at Paradiso Terrestre. If an indoor celebration is more your cup of tea, you can choose to have it at the Patio Verde while flanked by lush foliage and a waterfall view. For an actual out-on-the-field soiree, the Jardin Grande’s scenic greenery can offer you what you’re looking for. Meanwhile, if you’re going for a tropical cocktail out by the poolside kind of party, why not roll in some floral décor and DIY yourself a garden at the De Cor Azul, just like this wedding reception styled by Kitty Bunag.

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PHOTO BY Paradiso Terrestre

2. Narra Hill, Tagytay

A known fan favorite for its majestic mystic views, Narra Hill in Tagaytay will provide you with a memorable ceremony and reception as you overlook Taal Lake. Not to mention the tranquil atmosphere that promises a serene and intimate get-together with your loved ones. The trip to this natural paradise is definitely worth the hike. For a bit of inspiration, you can check out photographer Charisma Lico’s gorgeous rustic wedding at Narra Hill by clicking here!

PHOTO BY Narra Hill

3. Glass Garden, Pasig, Metro Manila

Got quite the number of guests in tow? Take your grand reception to The Glass Garden just located in Pasig. Its combined Emerald and Diamond venues can house up to 700 people, and is completely sound proof, safe and away from the bustling noise of city traffic. No need for an expensive destination ceremony just to seal the deal. For couple’s who are perfectly content with a wedding close to home, this gorgeous greenhouse-like venue is sure to transform a traditional church wedding atmosphere to a posh midnight tea reception.

PHOTO BY The Glass Gardens

4. Sitio Elena, Cainta Rizal

An alternative garden venue in the city much like Glass Gardens is Sitio Elena. Located at the heart of the Valley Golf Club in Cainta, Rizal, this glass pavilion boasts of “a cozy bridal suite, comfortable office facilities, clean and zen inspired comfort rooms, and whole lot more.”

PHOTO BY Sitio Elena

5. Casa San Pablo, Laguna 

For a rustic countryside nuptial, the old-timey, rural vibes of Casa San Pablo might just be a fit for you. You can choose to have your reception under a canopy of pine trees in their Pine Garden, or opt for a bohemian aesthetic surrounded by artwork in their main dining hall. The bed-and-breakfast also serves as a quiet and cozy escape from the city, and it can even be a one stop romantic destination for hassle-free, minimalist couples who would prefer to spend their honeymoon around Laguna.

PHOTO BY Casa San Pablo

6. Club Ananda, Tagytay

Thinking of getting married at Tagaytay’s famous Chapel on the Hill? Fret not for a reception venue because Club Ananda’s just a stone’s throw away. You’ll especially love the fresh and vibrant lush greenery flanked by a river pool that could totally serve as a stunning refreshing backdrop for all your obligatory wedding photos.

PHOTO BY Club Ananda

7. Dahilayan Gardens and Resort

Tie the knot with the picturesque Dahilayan mountains as your backdrop at the Dahilayan Gardens and Resort. Found in Bukidnon, the resort is located approximately 4100 feet above sea level, making for a cold, magnetic misty wedding straight out of a fairytale. Plus, the white gazebo near the base of the resort’s garden stands at the idyllic area for you and your partner to say your ‘I dos’.

PHOTO BY Dahilayan Gardens and Resort

8. Angelfields, Cavite 

A secluded getaway surrounded by an abundance of natural greenery and friendly farm animals, Angelsfields is a sanctuary like no other. Its tranquil, open space can be transformed into your dream reception area with just the right decorations, like creating a makeshift aisle on the vast field of their Saint John Paull II Pavilion with lanterns. After a charming, candle-lit ceremony, why not host a one-of-a-kind, intimate reception at night around a bonfire?

PHOTO BY Angelsfields
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