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Fun Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Encantadia's New Sang'gre Alena

Gabbi Garcia secretly wants to be an action star!
Fun Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Encantadia's New Sang'gre Alena Gabbi Garcia secretly wants to be an action star!

The future is bright for Gabbi Garcia. The 17-year-old actress (we find that hard to believe, too, considering how much she's already accomplished!) and surfer girl is all set to break out from the usual lovestruck characters she's played as she takes on the role of Alena in this year's Encantadia remake. Although this sang'gre is said to be quite the hopeless romantic, Gabbi's pretty excited for the fight scenes that demand a different kind of toughness. The series is set to premiere this Monday, but we caught up with her a few months ago when she spilled about her life-changing role, her favorite superheroes, and why she's not really excited to work out.

Right off the bat, who's your favorite superhero?

Black Widow. Sorry! (laughs) I’m a Marvel fan.

Why Agent Romanoff?

Cause she’s so hot! She’s just so hot! The actress, Scarlet Johansson, carries her character so well. As in super bagay sa kanya and she gives justice to the role.


If you had a super power, what would it be? As Alena, you sort of control water, right?

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I want to read other people’s minds. I’m a bit curious kasi. I’m a curious type of girl and an overthinker. I tend to overthink a lot. It’s like a bad habit. It’s not a good thing, I bet. Sa sobrang gusto ko malaman kung ano iniisip ng iba, I want to read their minds. 


If you could play another sang'gre, who would it be?

Who would I be? Maybe Amihan, because Amihan is a wise sang’gre. I've never played a role that's sort of dignified. She’s the kind of sang’gre with leadership qualities. I want to try to play her role kasi lagi na lang lahat ng roles ko pabebe and pa-tweetums. I want to try it. I’m so used to being pa-cute. I want to try to do the opposite of what I'm used to.

So will your version of Alena be tougher?

Well, Alena is a kind-hearted person and she’s very romantic. Siya 'yung laging hindi nakikipag-away. She’s the peacemaker amongst the sang’gres. Well, nakalagay sa character sketch na I’m still gonna be romantic, but I want to portray her as a strong Sang’gre, too! Pag nagalit siya, she’s very strong! Minsan kasi sa pagiging romantic niya minamaliit siya ng mga viewers, so I really want to show them that even though Alena is a kind-hearted sang’gre, she knows how to fight.


What's your favorite part of Alena's costume?

The best part of my costume is probably–oh my god, this is hard–probably my weapon? My weapon kasi, before, Karylle's was a sibat–it’s a long stick. Now, it’s different. It’s a phylum, and it’s called Agos. I find it interesting that our weapons have names! Mine is Agos, and I just think it looks so royal.

Your costume is pretty revealing, too! What did you think when you first saw it?


I was scared to wear it! I felt so pressured! The first time I saw the sketch, I said, 'Shucks! Di na ako pwede kumain!' And I’m a rice person, too. I’m not an ulam person. It’s like, my day isn’t complete without rice! So it’s really hard for me to reduce my food intake ‘cause I love to eat!  Hindi lang halata, pero I love to eat.

So what's your favorite aspect about Alena?

Being a romantic! Because I’m an affectionate kind of girlnot sa boys lang, ah! Like, to my friends. I always show love, so I like that part about Alena, that even though she’s a warrior, she has the capacity to love.

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