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All the Fun TikTok Trends That Filipino Celebrities Loved in 2021

What was your favorite TikTok trend of 2021?
All the Fun TikTok Trends That Filipino Celebrities Loved in 2021
IMAGE TIKTOK/@ivanaalawi & @piawurtzbach
What was your favorite TikTok trend of 2021?

Although 2020 was the year where TikTok rose to fame due to the start of quarantine, 2021 proved to be an even bigger year for the social media platform. Take the Philippines, for example, which has one of the highest number of active users on the app. As the year went by, TikTok has been filled with ever-changing trends, viral dances, fun challenges, and so on.

Even many local celebrities have not only joined in on the TikTok bandwagon, but also partook in many viral trends. TikTok was having a moment in the lives of Heart Evangelista, Ivana Alawi, and Kylie Verzosa, just to name a few. Scroll ahead and see all the fun trends celebs loved in 2021.

LOOK: TikTok trends that Filipino stars have done in 2021:

1. The Magic Bomb - Answering questions

Using a relatively simple dance originally based from a K-pop choreography, people answer their commonly asked questions.


2. Sour by Olivia Rodrigo 

2021 was a big year for singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo, since she released her hit debut album, Sour. Immediately after it's release, there were already millions of TikTok videos using her top songs. But perhaps the most relatable line (at least for Tiktokers) is this: "All my friends are tired." LOL!


3. Lisa Manobal

When BLACKPINK member Lisa Manobal released her solo songs, it's safe to say that TikTok went crazy over it. There was no shortage of dances and casual vibing videos about Lalisa and Money.

4. Squid Game 

The Korean obsession continues! When the massive hit K-drama Squid Game was released, social media basically went crazy over the phenomenon. On TikTok, creators (including celebrities) were having fun by participating in Squid Game-related challenges, transformations, and trends. 

5. Wildest Dreams 

Wildest Dreams rose to popularity again after Taylor Swift released Red (Taylor's Version).For this song, it was used as background music to capture aesthetic moments. 

6. Malboro Nights - Throwback with parents

This trend was a cute way to not only bond with one's parents, but also show them off, too!

6. Let's Groove Tonight

Feeling like dancing in your own room? Just groove tonight like Chie!

7. Joanna Dance 

Tthis feel-good dance was also popular this year! 

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8. Caught a Vibe

 Another simple dance that many people around the world loved to do, especially with friends and family!

9. Walking in a Winter Wonderland

This Christmas dance started back in 2020, and eventually made it's way back to this year's holiday season.

Which of these fun Tiktoks have you tried?

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