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Here Are Free VSCO Presets for Your Best Instagram Feed Yet

Here Are Free VSCO Presets for Your Best Instagram Feed Yet
IMAGE Art by Bacs Arcebal
Let your aesthetic feed dreams come true!

New year, new feed. Whether you’re looking to finally tidy up the random photos on your Instagram feed or seeking to switch things up when it comes to your social media aesthetic, VSCO remains to be one of the best ways to achieve serious photo goals. Considering its range of tools, the VSCO app is actually fairly easy to use, making it a favorite of many Instagram users.

With the dozens of pre-made filters and tools on the app, however, it can get overwhelming to figure out where to even begin! But don't fret—we know the struggle and we've come to help you out! Belowe, we rounded up just some of the coolest presets you can try on your pictures for the most IG-worthy aesthetic yet. And trust us, whatever "aesthetic" you're looking for, we've got the ultimate cheat sheet to help you achieve it!

1. Sun-kissed fun

Make every day feel like summer when it comes to this VSCO setting, a warm yet subdued aesthetic that reminds us of long walks on the beach, days chilling at an outdoor café, and sunny weekends. Perfect for the city girl yearning for a seaside escape!

2. A Polaroid-inspired look

Love the look of film and old photos? Then you’ll certainly love this VSCO setting, a light, faded visual that shows tamed pastels and a subtle grain that hints at nostalgia. It’s the perfect aesthetic for achieving that vintage look while still keeping it light and airy, like capturing a fleeting moment that has gone by.


3. Bright and airy

Consider this an update on the predominantly-white feed that dominated our Instagram feeds in the late 2010s. This version adds more interesting elements to the usual white background, keeping white as accents and relying on neutral and beige shades to keep things interesting. While we obsessed over crystal-clear pics in the previous decade, this year calls for a tad of grain just to switch things up.

4. Blues and reds

Orange sunsets, denim jeans and flushed cheeks have never looked more vibrant and alive than in this VSCO setting of heightened blues and reds. It's a vivid yet cool-toned filter that best captures the verve of youth and urban, street-inspired influences. It’s one of the boldest and more distinct looks to cop, and works great if you want your feed to stand out from the rest.

5. Retro film

Another saturated yet warm look of teal and orange shades, this VSCO filter setting has us reminded of retro films and '70s nostalgia. This is a real treat for cinephiles and vintage lovers, for sure! Its pinkish undertone and faded appeal could trick us into thinking these photos were of a bygone decade, like prints from an old magazine.

6. Flower child

A bright yet warm aesthetic, this VSCO filter pairs best with blue skies, green grass, and all of the wonders of nature. It’s the best aesthetic for nature lovers, travelers, and those who want to bring a dose of sunshine onto their feed as they capture their best life yet!

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7. Festival-inspired

Love neon lights, cotton candy and festivals? This dreamy aesthetic will make all of your Instagrammable dreams come true, from colorful diners and pink skies to carnivals and afternoon or sunset drives. While it obviously works best with pink and shades of blue, it will also work with lavender, mint green, and soft yellow.

8. The 2000s

After we obsessed over the ‘90s in the 2010s, it’s time for the 2000s to finally have its moment! Expect Gen Z to be all over this aesthetic with a light, warm yet grainy look that reminds us of pop album covers, sunlit shoots, and soft nostalgia.

9. Autumn-inspired

A warm and rich aesthetic filled with browns, neutrals and dark shades, this artsy filter is a cozy yet visually attractive setting that has us reminded of old records, books, and lounging around in your favorite hoodie. This filter best suits parts of the city like sidewalks and old buildings, as well as dark and bright lighting like a sunset rooftop party, or a room illuminated by festoon lights.

10. Soft blush

Millennial pink is far from dead as this cool pastel continues to grace our feeds with its soft appeal and minimalist yet feminine aesthetic. This VSCO filter looks great with summer ocean photos, soft blues and anything blush.

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