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We Found a Swiss Chocolate Bar That Helps Relieve Period Cramps

Now you have an excuse to binge!
We Found a Swiss Chocolate Bar That Helps Relieve Period Cramps
Now you have an excuse to binge!

The guilt that comes with binge-eating chocolate while on your period is about to meet its maker, because a brand in Switzerland has finally made the sweet treat both healthy and functional. Meet Frauenmond, the chocolate bar made by Chocolate with Love that apparently helps relieve period cramps.

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Made by ex-pastry chef Marc Widmer, Frauenmond or "women's moon" contains 60% cocoa and 17 Swiss herbs that are said to have soothing effects on the body as a result of their interactions with internal particles. According to Marc, despite being marketed towards women on their period, men are also free to eat the chocolates. And that's not all. If you're still skeptic about indulging in sweets when you're PMS-ing, scientific research has suggested that craving more sweets or carbs in general is very normal while on menstrual period and it might be the body's way of trying to make you feel better during a stressful time.

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How's that for a sweet excuse to eat chocolates?

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