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The Tastiest Food Trends on Social Media We've Seen This 2021 (So Far)

Which of these have you already tried?
The Tastiest Food Trends on Social Media We've Seen This 2021 (So Far)
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/pufftdoughnuts, INSTAGRAM/houseofbirriaph
Which of these have you already tried?

We’ve all been there: scrolling through our Instagram or TikTok feeds at midnight, and getting hungry seeing all the scrumptious food on our screens. Despite restrictions during the pandemic, the foodie hype lives on with influencers and common folk alike often posting about the most drool-worthy dishes of the month across social media. From the cheesiest to the sweetest, these food items aren’t just Instagram-worthy, they’re also sure to satisfy all your cravings. 

Here’s a round-up of some of the trendiest and yummiest dishes on our online feeds this 2021: 

1. Litson Baka from Andok’s

We all know Andok’s as our local go-to for roast chicken or liempo, but their newest offering has been all the rage. The Litson Baka has all its patrons endlessly craving with how delicious it is, and we can understand why. Juicy, tender meat prepared the Andok’s way is perfectly contrasted with the sharp vinegar dipping sauce. If you’re craving something reminiscent of a steak, but you don’t want to break the bank, Andok’s Litson Baka is the way to go.


2. Creamy Spinach Pizza from Angel’s Pizza

Angel’s Pizza has always been dedicated to bringing affordable and tasty pies to the dining table of Filipinos. However, their Creamy Spinach Pizza distinctly stands out among their offerings, and has everyone clamoring for a slice. Dollops of rich spinach dip adorn a classic cheese pizza, making for a very luxurious bite. Several TikTok users have shared a “hack” to eating the pie, suggesting to evenly spread the spinach mixture all over it first for a more satisfying experience. Some even add honey or chili flakes to their slices to bring it to the next level. However you want to enjoy it, get your hands on a box as soon as you can, as this variation is known to sell out quickly per day.

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PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/angelspizzaph

3. Triple Cheese Donuts from Lola Nena’s

If your stomach’s rumbling for something sugary and cheesy at the same time, give Lola Nena’s famous Triple Cheese Donuts a try. Pillowy dough encases a generous amount of cheese that oozes out as you eat it. Make sure to lick your lips after biting into it though, as each donut is lavishly dusted in sugar. Lola Nena herself implores everyone to heat their donuts first before digging in, in order to melt the cheese and to caramelize the exterior. It makes for a super decadent experience that you’re for sure going to keep coming back to. 


4. Birria Tacos from House of Birria

Mexican food always hits the spot, and Birria Tacos are the new saucy sensation people have been raving about. Gaining major traction online, Birria Tacos are known for succulent braised beef, housed in tortillas that are doused in the stock the meat was cooked in. It’s a sumptuous gastronomic phenomenon that’s been brought to Philippine shores thanks to places like House of Birria. They’re served with an extra cup of the liquid gold, so you can leisurely dip your tacos in it as you eat. These are a far cry from the standard hard corn shell and ground beef ones available at fast food joints; and with each chomp, you can totally appreciate the extra effort and time put into them.

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/houseofbirriaph

5. Strawberry Donuts from Pufft Doughnuts

Your sweet tooth is going to want to sink into one of Pufft DoughnutsStrawberry Donuts. In each powdered sugar-encrusted donut is a mouthwatering mix of custard, whipped cream, and macerated strawberries. Each bite feels like chewing into a cloud, with the distinct flavor of the berries being highlighted by the rich cream. It’s an elevated treat composed of flavors we can attribute to the pastries we enjoyed as kids. You better hit Pufft up as soon as you can, because these are known to sell out swiftly. 

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM_pufftdoughnuts

6. Egg Sandwiches from Egg Drop MNL

Those who’ve been binge-watching the K-drama Hospital Playlist have probably seen the adorable Kim Jun munching on these delectable egg sandwiches. As simple as it may seem, an egg sandwich from Egg Drop MNL is exactly what you need to please your palette, and your K-enthusiast heart. Between the buttery slices of bread are fluffy scrambled eggs harmonizing with cheese and your choice of ham or bacon. You can even customize how you want your eggs done, and can add on other meats or condiments. 


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