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What Is a Finstagram and Should You Have One?

Yup, it's a thing.
What Is a Finstagram and Should You Have One? Yup, it's a thing.

Ah, Instagram, one of my most used mobile apps. Believe it or not, in my line of work, I'm kind of required to make Instagram a daily habit. I wake up to it in the morning, scroll through it while in transit, and end the day still poring over other people's feeds. I'm glued to the app because it's how I'm able to keep up with the latest happenings, particularly when it comes to local and international celebrities. It's how I get fashion updates, too. Instagram helps a lot in a way that it makes it easier for me to formulate story ideas and write my articles.

When it comes to my personal feed, I'll have you know that I don't just follow random accounts for work. Like a normal netizen, I have friends whom I follow, too. And grid wise, I am one of those people who try to curate their posts. I mind what I post and flex my witty muscles when writing captions. (Though, I admit, I fail everytime and resort to stealing Taylor Swift lyrics instead.) 



For a while, I didn't even seem to notice how my personal Instagram account was functioning—not until my boyfriend pointed out that my IG felt a lot like a work account. Whatever that meant. "Okay, tell me something about the accounts of the next five posts in your feed," he challenged me, trying to prove his point. Me being me, I took the challenge and scrolled through my feed. Brand. Fashion Influencer. International Designer. Modeling agency. Local Designer.

He was right. Where are my friends or the people I actually care about? And then it hit me. When was the last time I didn't overthink what to post next? When was the last time I didn't take a bajillion selfies before deciding on a decent enough photo to put on my Stories? Mind you, I don't have many followers, but I'm conscious enough about the content I'm putting out there. I worry about being judged even though I'm a newbie writer for a local fashion and beauty website. I guess it's true what they say: Your Instagram account defines you. It's how and where you build your online identity.

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Okay, by now you're wondering how this all connects to "Finstagram," so here it goes. I first heard of Finsta from our social media editor, and from what I've gathered, it was coined from the words "fake" and "Instagram." It's a hidden account where you can freely post uncurated content, perhaps even photos that didn't go through VSCO or Snapseed. In essence, Finstagram is your account where you can be your truest self. How ironic, right?

Your Rinsta (Real Instagram) is your carefully curated, public account. It's where you can control what other people can discover about you; meanwhile, your Finsta is reserved for your inner circle only. That's where you can post whatever doesn't fit your self-imposed guidelines on your Rinsta. Now, you may ask: Why bother? What's the need for maintaining two separate accounts?

Perhaps we can summarize the rise of this internet phenomenon into these simple sentiments: 1) In this digital age we live in, online presence is, sadly, important to validate oneself. There's no shame in accepting this truth. Having a Rinsta account gives you an avenue to be accepted by the community, after all; and 2) Finsta lets you get rid of the pressure of it all. On your Finsta, you can just be you, surrounded by your closest friends. In a way, you're regaining the privacy of your life back. As ironic as it sounds, your Finsta allows and affords you more of your reality.


Or you know, maybe you just get a Finsta to escape Instagram's notoriously sneaky ads. #JustSaying. But a word of caution: Now that you've finally discovered the secret world of Finstagrams, don't rat out anyone.

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