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These Are Filipinos' Favorite Travel Destinations, According to a Study

Now you know where to go next!
These Are Filipinos' Favorite Travel Destinations, According to a Study
IMAGE Courtesy of Sweet Escape
Now you know where to go next!

In this day and age, taking photos for Instagram has become a necessary part of traveling. According to a recent survey by top photography service SweetEscape, “77% of Filipinos prioritize visiting Instagrammable destinations for their holidays, where they will share their photos on various social media channels.”

It's an unsurprising find, given that these social media photos  also double as proof of your adventure-ridden life. They’re also digital memories, footprints of a well-cherished once-upon-a-time that you can always go back to when you’re taking a stroll down memory lane. But basically, the perfect IG post is equal parts your photography skills, some added confidence for that killer pose, and a swoon-worthy backdrop. So don’t take the choice of your destination lightly. If you still haven’t found the ideal location for your next getaway, then why not take cues from your fellow Filipino travelers?

According to SweetEscape’s travel trend report, "When traveling overseas, Japan and Korea are Filipinos’ favorite destinations, with cities like Tokyo and Seoul chosen as top destinations." Domestically, Siargao reigns supreme as the most popular destination for local travelers. SweetEscape concludes, "Based on our findings, regional destinations such as Singapore and Hong Kong are also equally popular, while Paris remains a top favorite for  romantic getaways."


Below, find out everyone’s current favorite travel destinations, as well as the upcoming It destinations for 2019.

Current Top Destinations

1. Tokyo, Japan

2. Hong Kong

3. New York, U.S.A.

4. Seoul, South Korea

5. Paris, France

Upcoming Top Destinations

1 .Cape Town, South Africa

2. Cappadoccia, Turkey

3. Maldives

4. Florence, Italy

5. Shanghai, China