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Meet the Cutest Pets of Your Favorite Local Celebrities

They're too cute for words!
Meet the Cutest Pets of Your Favorite Local Celebrities
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They're too cute for words!

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and from the looks of it, it seems Preview’s cover girls definitely agree. Of course, some of them have got even more than just dogs to love. That said, with the quarantine boring all of us to death, it's safe to say these celebrities are in good paws as their four-legged friends keep them company in the comfort of their own homes.

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Want to get to know more of your favorite celebrities' adorable pets? Scroll along as we meet them below!

1. Solenn Heussaff with Pochola, El Gato, Patato, and Pechuga

Solenn Heusaff and Nico Bolzico are not just loving parents to their little baby girl, Tili, but also to their beloved furry companions at home. Though quite huge in size, their American Akita house dog, Pochola, is one charming pooch! 


Providing just as much love and affection is their cat, Negroni, also known as El Gato. To complete their small pet family are their two beautiful tortoises, Patato, and Pechuga.

2. Kathryn Bernardo with Cloud, Tala, Pablo, Summer, Snow, and more!

Kathryn Bernardo juggles the busy life of an actress and a ‘paw-rent’ of both cats and dogs. Some of her most favored furry friends include Cloud the Golden Retriever, Tala the Samoyed, and Pablo the Pomeranian. They even sleep with Kathryn every night and tag along for tapings from time to time. With their constant appearances on Kathryn’s Instagram, they have undoubtedly risen to fame with over 151k followers on their very own IG page!

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3. Heart Evangelista with Panda, Casper, Yogi, Khaleesi, Chico, Mina, Chuni, and Mingming

Heart Evangelista is one huge fan of Aspins, most especially her very own Miniature Alaskan Malamute, Maria Panda “Pan-pan” Ongpauco Escudero. Tagging along with the pack are Panda’s doggy siblings Casper, Yogi, Khaleesi, and Chico. Completing Heart’s ‘fur-mily’  are her cats Mina, Chuni, and Mingming. Among her large barkada of four-legged companions, Panda is admittedly her favorite, making her the most famous of them all! Just like Heart, Panda lives a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle. You can even spot Panda’s Hermès and Goyard OOTDs on her very own Instagram page, @pandaongpaucoescudero.


4. Liza Soberano with Tootsie, Cassidy, Barbie, Mikey, and more!

The stunning actress is also a dog lover and a proud momma of almost ten dogs, including Barbie, Tootsie, Cassidy, and Mikey. Liza Soberano’s Shih Tzu, Mikey, was actually gifted to her by her boyfriend, Enrique Gil, during Valentine’s Day of 2016. Here she is posing with her white-furred pooch!


5. Nadine Lustre with Calcifer

Nadine Lustre may just be the world’s biggest fan of corgis, most especially her very own Calcifer Dante Pendragon, who Nadine likes to call her very own 7 a.m. alarm. FYI, Nadine named Cal after three characters from the 2004 Hayao Miyazaki film, Howl’s Moving Castle, and the video game series, Devil May Cry. Browse through Cal’s Instagram for an oozing gust of adorable charm.


Nadine and James Reid, actually raised Calcifer together with their teacup maltese, Clarky, and their cats, Susan and Shere Khan.


6. Andrea Brillantes with Oreo, Chewy, and Marley

As occasional guests on Blythe’s TikToks, Instagram posts, and even YouTube videos, Oreo, Chewy, and Marley are no strangers to the camera! Say cheese!

7. Francine Diaz with Luna, Dani, Pepa, and Ponpon

Many of you may know Francine Diaz as Cassie from Kadenang Ginto, but did you know she’s a dog momma too? Get to know her dogs Luna, Dani, Pepa, and Ponpon. Based on Ponpon’s frequent appearances on Francine’s Instagram, it’s safe to say this doggo's the least camera-shy of them all!


8. Yassi Pressman with Rolee, Rocket, Riri, Raven, Fluffy, and Sky

It’s no secret that Yassi Pressman is one proud snake mom to her small ball pythons, Fluffy and Sky. However, the actress is also a self-proclaimed “crazy dog lover.” The “Pressman Zoo,” as she calls it, is home to Rolee, an American bully she named after her late father’s initials. Adding to Yassi’s fur-mily are Rocket, Riri, and Raven, some of whom were actually gifted to her by her fans.


Her pets are no strangers to show biz too since they have become Yassi’s frequent companions during tapings. Yassi and her sister, Issa Pressman, even have an Instagram account dedicated to their bullies. Not to mention the brand, Presidential Paws Club, which Yassi and Issa created in hopes offering fashionable and functional dog pieces that are of premium quality.


9. KC Concepcion with Churro and Chica

KC Concepcion is a proud momma of two Pomeranians: Churro and Chica. With these two keeping her company, she will never run out of bear hugs and wet kisses all day! Just like KC, we just can’t get enough of their charms!


10. Coleen Garcia with Bruno, Briddick, Buddy, Summer, Anya, and Storm

Even way before baby boy Amari came around, the Crawford household had already been a home to four playful dogs and two friendly cats. For over eight years now, Coleen Garcia has been with her Belgian Malinois, Bruno, who is one great and fierce watchdog! Bruno spends quite a lot of time with his little furry friends: Buddy the Keeshond, Summer the Chihuahua, also known as @ms.tamomo on Instagram, and Briddick the Pomeranian, who Coleen calls her miracle dog. FYI, Briddick survived a one-story high fall that left her unconscious for about a month.


Of course, the Crawford Fur-mily would not be complete without the flawless and hairless Sphynx cats, Anya and Storm, who even partook in Coleen’s Preview maternity shoot last year.

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