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5 Filipina Fitness TikTokers to Inspire You to Start Your Fitness Journey

No gym? No problem!
5 Filipina Fitness TikTokers to Inspire You to Start Your Fitness Journey
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No gym? No problem!

In the past year and half—with the help of the pandemic and multiple lockdowns, we have probably changed in more ways than one. This includes changes to our bodies, and that’s perfectly fine (and normal). Because of this set-up where most of us are almost always home, it’s not a surprise that the motivation to workout is low. 

However, the truth is that being healthy is important, especially in times like these where taking care of our bodies should be a priority. One way to do that is by exercising. More than looking physically good, fitness brings about many benefits to our well-being.  Nowadays, going to the gym or taking a stroll outside may not be accessible, so home workouts will have to suffice for the time being. 

On TikTok, the fitness and health niche has a large community.  There are many creators who post health tips, workout routines, and exercises to follow. But remember to follow those who have the appropriate background and experience when it comes to offering health advice. If you want to get back on track, or get started with your fitness journey, here are some TikTok accounts to check out. 


5 Filipina Fitness TikTokers to follow to inspire you to start your fitness journey:

1. Kristina Luisa

This account is perfect for those who are starting out, or want to start, their fitness journey You'll find an array of beginner-friendly (and intermediate) exercises that target different parts of your body. 

2. Camille Medina

Whether you like going to the gym, working out at home, or doing outdoor exercises, you'll definitely find something to follow from this fitness influencer. She posts different kinds of workouts that will surely get you moving!

3. Andie De Guzman

If you have your own exercise equipment such as dumbells and resistance bands, then turn to this account on the different ways to utilize your tools. This fitness coach also incorporates several no-equipment, bodyweight exercises too, in case that's more of your style.

4. Lauren Alexi

For those who are into lifting, then you should definitely follow this ceritified personal trainer. Apart from weights, she also teaches different types of exercises to do with them—from the basics to more complex movements.

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5. Keona Lozada

Going back to basics again, you'll get a mix of bodyweight and equipment-based workouts from this fitness and lifestyle influencer. She's also a sports science major, so expect helpful trivia about health, too!

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