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5 Filipina Celebrities Who Are Not Letting Their Reproductive Systems Define Their Womanhood

5 Filipina Celebrities Who Are Not Letting Their Reproductive Systems Define Their Womanhood
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Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but these empowered celebs refuse to let society dictate how they should lead their lives.

Being a mom is both a delightful and nerve-wracking experience—from caring for a newborn to witnessing your child’s milestones. Motherhood is such a beautiful thing and raising a human being is indeed something to be extremely proud of!

That said, given the typical Filipino mindset of having a traditional family setup, women are always pressured by society when it comes to motherhood. Women are constantly asked about when they’ll have children and are often treated as if their bodies are ticking time bombs. It’s even worse for Pinay celebrities, whose choices are subjected to the scrutiny of the prying public.

But here’s the thing: Some women want kids, some don’t—and both choices are equally valid! It’s 2022 and we’re all for empowered women deciding for themselves on how they want to lead their lives. Below, we list down Filipina celebs who have the most refreshingly honest answers on being child-free.


Empowered Pinay Celebs Who Refuse to Let Motherhood Define Their Worth:

1. Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista

The style maven has been continuously interrogated for her personal life and has time and time again received unsolicited comments about pregnancy and not having kids yet with her husband Chiz Escudero. Not one to back down, she had the most amazing clapback early this year. "Ayoko, eh. Didn't anyone teach you manners? I mean, you know what... if I am not sad about it, why are you even? Chill. Not your uterus. Being a mom shouldn't be the only source of happiness. My goodness.” Tell ‘em, queen!

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2. Nadine Lustre

Nadine on having kids

Nadine has previously spoken in a past interview that she wanted to have two kids in the future. Yet somehow, her humanitarian experiences over the years that followed gave her a change of heart. The actress shared that she now has zero plans on bearing a child anymore. “Just because, there are so many people na on Earth, and I do believe that there are lots of kids who don't have parents and who need taking care of. So I feel like if I do wanna have kids, I might just adopt. Sustainability!” she quipped.


3. Maricar Reyes

Maricar Reyes on not having kids

It's no secret that Maricar and her husband Richard Poon have been trying for years to get pregnant. However, the odds seem to not be in their favor. What might surprise people though is that she’s totally okay with it. Meron lang talaga akong peace. Kung meron [anak], okay. Kung wala, okay. It doesn’t make me feel like I'm less of a person or I’m less of a female.


4. Megan Young

Megan Young on having kids

The Miss World 2013 titleholder has always been an inspiration to many. In a podcast episode, she and her hubby Mikael Daez talked about skirting societal expectations when it comes to having children. "If I get pregnant, okay, and if not, then we just continue living life," she said, sharing that they’re totally fine with their chill lifestyle as husband and wife. #RelationshipGoals!


5. Kim Jones

Kim Jones

The style blogger is taking time to explore her many artistic pursuits and dreams, which is likely the reason why having kids is not her top priority at the moment. "I, along with many other women I know, am constantly asked why I'm still without child, sometimes benevolently; sometimes not. Often my response (or lack thereof when I tire of defending myself) is met with incredulity and scorn,” she opened up. Thankfully, her beau Jericho Rosales always has her back! Answering one netizen who questioned his wife’s decision, he wrote, "I don't think getting preggy and having babies is the only measure for being a woman... I love that my wife travels and works on her dreams. Makes me really proud." So sweet!


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