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The Dos and Don'ts of Displaying Plants at Home, According to Feng Shui

FYI, it's bad feng shui to overload your bedroom with plants!
The Dos and Don'ts of Displaying Plants at Home, According to Feng Shui
FYI, it's bad feng shui to overload your bedroom with plants!

When people think about feng shui, they usually associate it with how you should position your furniture or what lucky charms you need to have on display. However, the ancient Chinese practice actually has a few opinions on decor, too, and that includes the plants inside your home.

According to feng shui expert Louis Loh, indoor plants are definitely good in feng shui, but there are a few dos and don'ts to make sure that you maintain the positive energy in your home. Read his tips below:

DON'T overload the bedroom with them.

Because plants release carbon dioxide at night, Louis points out that it could be bad for your health to have them in the bedroom compared to the living room. "Balance is important. Don't overdo it," he notes. A few plants should be okay and would bring in positive energy, but too much would have the opposite effect.


DO have plants in the living room and dining area.

"Plants themselves produce positive qi so it's good to place [them] in the house's living area or even in the dining area," Louis continues. He shares that their office has a few plants for this purpose, and it helps their clients feel more relaxed.

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DO go for plants with big leaves.

When selecting plants, ones with big leaves are preferred in feng shui. It's also commonly said that round ones represent good fortune as their shape resembles coins.

DO avoid plants with sharp leaves, climbing plants, and ones with flowers.

Louis says that sharp or pointy-leaved plants like some cacti are said to have negative energy, and creeper plants will invite arguments. Another plant to avoid are ones with flowers, and he explains that this is because they require a lot of energy (sunlight). Since we don't get any sun indoors, he says, it will somehow absorb the energy of humans as well, which is not good feng shui.


DON'T display too many artificial plants indoors.

Having a few fake plants for your decor is fine, but the expert says that too much of them isn't in feng shui. "If you have to many artificial plants in the house, these will actually collect dust. Too much dust in the house is definitely bad feng shui," he says. It's good to have more real plants, since these release oxygen in the day time and produce positive energy.

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