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Facebook Has a Way to Help You Move on From Your Ex

Facebook Has a Way to Help You Move on From Your Ex Perhaps what you need is to take a break.

Want to finally move on from your good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend but his photos just keep popping up in your Facebook feed? Well, maybe now you can!

Stalking an old flame on social media can only result to hurting yourself in the process (especially with the risk of eventually seeing him with someone new). Even Facebook knows this, too, which is why it's launching a tool called "Take a Break" that will supposedly help you get over a painful breakup. This feature allows a user to manage interactions with someone he/she was previously "in a relationship" with. So upon changing your relationship status to "single," Facebook will prompt you to confront reality and ask yourself the agonizing question: do you want to take a break?


Without having to look like the crazy ex-girlfriend who blocked and/or unfriended her former partner out of bitterness, you can now see less of the jerk's name and profile picture with the help of this new feature. After configuring the settings, his updates will no longer appear in your News Feed. In fact, you can ignore his entire FB existence altogether by preventing his name from ever appearing when you're writing a new status message or tagging friends or photos. And because you might also want to avoid heartbreaking #throwbacks, the tool will even allow you to edit all your photos with him and untag yourself - yes, one by one. But more importantly, it's a two-way street, which means you can also limit him from seeing photos, status updates and videos you posted. (He's only gonna miss you when you're gone, anyway.)

Facebook already started testing this feature for US-based users on mobile. Don't worry because sooner or later it'll also roll out the "Take a Break" tool to all 1.5 billion users across the world. So for now, we suggest you do it the old-fashioned way and resist the temptation of stalking and drunk-chatting your ex online.

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