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This Music Will Make You Quit EDM

This Music Will Make You Quit EDM Finally!

For most people, EDM is just like this GIF:

Thankfully, a new music style promises to be the antidote. Thre3style, a new DJing format, has a DJ playing songs from at least three genres (or styles of music) within 15 minutes. Energy drink Red Bull has started a worldwide competition for the best music geniuses that can do so in front of a panel of judges and a party-hungry crowd. 



Last June 29, the country's best battled it out in Valykrie

Unlike the bass-balling that is EDM, Thre3style lets DJs show off their eclecticism. What it all boils down to is song choice.

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DJ Carlo Atendido's winning moment

At the recently concluded Philippine leg of Red Bull Thre3style 2015, winner DJ Carlo Atendido, 25, said, “I wanted to implement genres that people aren’t used to hearing in normal DJ sets here in the Philippines: future house, old school hip-hop, dancehall, and punk rock. When I would play top 40, I would [follow it up with] dancehall, then top 40 again…”

Listen to his party-starting set below:

DJ Carlo Atendido - Philippines - National Finals by Red Bull Thre3style on Mixcloud

Booking him for our next party!

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