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Here's Why Critics Are Calling "Joker" Problematic and Dangerous

Here's Why Critics Are Calling "Joker" Problematic and Dangerous
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When: October 3, 2019

Joker, the origin story of Batman's infamous arch-nemesis, comes out this week, though not without a cacophany of critics expressing their concern over the film and what it might incite. The story starts with Arthur Fleck, a lonely, failed comedian, seemingly unloved, unwanted, and constantly battered by life's misfortunes. With this, he slowly descends into madness and causes vile hate and havoc in a city that's plagued him with nothing but sorrow. Sounds familiar? As several critics have pointed out, the narrative mimics that of incel culture—involuntarily celibate men who, unable to find romantic or sexual partners, turn to mass violence as retribution for their own loneliness. It's often the story behind recent gun violence crimes in the United States.

The backlash then comes from the glorification of a widely-known malicious character whose backstory may be perceived as asking sympathy for the bad guy who probably just wasn't shown enough kindness. As if his actions could be blamed on someone else. In fact, this reading, and the fear that Joker might encourage violence have pushed theaters accross the U.S. to take preventive measures during the movie's run, such as banning moviegoers from wearing "costumes, face painting or masks."

Of course, Director Todd Phillips and Warner Bros. have come to the movie's defence, stating that it merely seeks to depict violence in a deserving realistic manner, but in no way does it necessarily endorse the act.What do you think of the controversy? Judge for yourself and catch Joker in cinemas this October 3, 2019.


Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love 

When: October 2, 2019

For a film that might hit closer to home, gather the barkada and watch Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love. Starring Jane Oineza, Jerome Ponce, Tony Labrusca, Albie Casino, and Myrtle Sarrosa, the film follows five college friends as they learn to deal with real life problems in a world seemingly jaded by the concept of love.


When: October 2, 2019

In the mood for an indie flick? Part of this year's Cinemalaya line-up, Edward centers on the titular young boy as he comes of age while taking care of his ill father at a public hospital. Directed by Thop Nazareno, the movie stars Louise Abel, Elijah Canlas, and Manuel Chua.



When: October 4-October 27, 2019

To be staged by Tanghalang Pilipino, Katsuri, a Visayan words for "mouse," is an adaptation of John Steinback's classic novella, Of Mice and Men. The play chronicles the friendship between two characters whose relationship is constantly put to the test due to the unfortunate circumstances that follow them around. Catch Katsuri at the CCP Studio Theater this October 4 to October 27, 2019.

Tickets are available now at

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We Art Intramuros: The Intramuros Arts and Crafts Market

When: October 5, 2019

Immerse yourself in culture at We Art Intramuros, an arts and crafts market showcasing the works of some of the country's most creative artists. Aside from selling homegrown and handcrafted products, the market will also feature great food and musical performances to keep you busy and entertained while roaming around the Puerta Real Gardens. Don't miss the colorful festivities on October 5, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Fits Ya Good

When: October 4, 2019

On the lookout for vintage keeps? Head on over to Fits Ya Good, a market described as "a treasure trove for finding unique, one-off pieces, ranging from high-end glamour to thrifty yet nifty mesh of second-hand gems for all genders." Shop around from more than 16 brands like Tiediet, Vantage Ph, and Sol Studios, at Dulo in Makati on October 4, 2019 from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. Entrance is totally free!


See the list of participating brands on their official Facebook page.

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