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5 Ways to Achieve an Effortless Instagram Feed

Let's be #real.
5 Ways to Achieve an Effortless Instagram Feed
Let's be #real.

Maybe it’s the crushing pressure to look #real on social media, or maybe it’s just us living our 2018 resolution of cutting ourselves some slack. Whatever it is, Instagram girls from all around the world seem to be skipping editing apps and posting effortless, unfiltered, and silly pictures instead. We break down what it takes to make one fabulously effortless feed:


Your "blogger jowa" and IG hubby has a reason to rejoice as you won’t need them to spend hours taking your #OOTDs anymore. The best part? You can snap the pic even while sitting down! Goodbye, awkward poses.


2. Silly edits

You don’t need to bid farewell to your Insta-story masterpieces after 24 hours. Save those sticker-laden snaps to post on your actual feed for a touch of fun! 

3. Blurred

We're all familiar with that feeling, discovering low-quality, motion-blur-filled photographs in our camera rolls the day after a crazy night-out. Eternalize those moments on your feed and give your followers a glimpse of the fun party that was. 

4. Mirror selfie

Yes, your comfort room selfie series still has a place on your IG feed!

5. Superzoom

Ultra zoomed-in photos boast of an #adorkable kind of charm. Show off your bling or your new makeup look using this "candid" photography style.