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Halloween Costume Ideas for the Entire Barkada

Dress up the whole gang!
Halloween Costume Ideas for the Entire Barkada Dress up the whole gang!

We’re only a few days away from what we consider the most wonderful time of the year, our ever favorite, the 31st of October! If Halloween is also your jam, then you also know very well that it’s the perfect excuse to dress up as whoever you want to be - with no judgment. And with free candy (and booze) everywhere, we don’t see what’s not to love.

Planning to go with your besties, your boyfriend, and the whole gang? No problem! Because below, we’ve picked out the very best of pop culture, the boob tube, and the movies for insanely easy to cop costumes you can put together using what you already have in your closet.

The Bad Blood Squad

Is your high school barkada as big as Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood squad? Then simply grab all the leather and hardware you can find. We’re sure you already know who’s Tay-tay in the group.


The Empire Cast

Want to dress up as Cookie Lyon but your guy buds are lazy? Then urge them to dress up as the characters of your new favorite show, Empire! Simply get two suits for Andre and Luscious, a sando, a snapnack, and a gold chain necklace for Hakeem, and a turtleneck sweater for Jamal. The girls can join in, too, and dress up as the chic Anika and the sexy-cute Tiana.

The Chanels

You ladies are in luck because the hottest new fashion thriller in town, Scream Queens, has a chic clique with an easy to cop look! Just unearth all the pastels, pearls, and fur you have, and voila - you and your girlfriends can now go to that party dressed as The Chanels. Better practice your screams! 


Mean Girls

If you want to cut back on the pearls and the fur, you can always say you’re the Mean Girls. The pink and pleats? Classic.


Pretty Little Liars

The show may have already revealed who A is, but there’s still another season to look forward to. If you’re a group of four with one petite, one tall and skinny, one sporty, and one voluptuous girl; go dress up as Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna. If there’s a fifth girl, she can always go as Allison.  

How I Met Your Mother

For the people who like to use the excuse that they have ‘no costume.’ It can’t get any easier than this. Just make sure whoever is going as Barney wears a well-fitted suit.


For people with the same lame excuse but with closets filled with the best of the ‘90s, go as Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross. See? Dressing up for the Halloween doesn’t have to be hard, right? Anything goes!

The OC

If you didn’t watch this show, please do yourself a favor and find yourself a copy. It’s one of our absolute favorites! Plus, it’s the perfect look if you’re going on a double date with your bff and her beau. Just call dibs on Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen. Whoever is going as Marissa should wear the classic Mischa Barton all-white preppy tennis chick look.

The Kardashians

Everyone is talking about them anyway, so why not dress up as the Kardashians? The sartorial choices of Kim, Kendall, Kylie, Kourtney, and Khloe—as well as their physical attributes—are distinct from one another so you shouldn’t have a hard time deciding who’s who in the barkada. Don't forget the butt pads if you want to nail Kim's and Khloe's looks.

The It Girls

Who wouldn’t want to look like George, Anne, Liz, Belle, Solenn, and Bea? Imagine arriving at a party with you and your girls clad in nothing but white button downs and 5-inch steppers. Spell H-O-T!


Sex and the City

The Titas of Manila are cliquish, too! But it doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. Go ahead and be Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte.

The Avengers

Stuck with the boys who are willing to go all out? Then you absolutely have to go as the Avengers. Obviously, you’re the Black Widow here, so start looking for a black jumpsuit.

If you’re going as pairs, we have a couple of recommendations, too.

Serena and Blair

Going as these two will never get old. Grab a headband and the best of your preppy pile to go as Blair, and anything body-hugging and sparkly to go as Serena. We’re sure you and your bestie already called dibs on who’s who a long time ago.  

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Do you ladies love donning head-to-toe black? Go as the chic Olsen twins. It’s the perfect excuse to just look stylish in your favorite hue.

Paris and Nicole

If you have a Chihuahua, bring your pet as an accessory and go as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, circa The Simple Life


Happy Halloween!