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Yes, You Can Enjoy Brown Sugar Milk Tea at Home With This Easy Recipe

Milk tea fans, rejoice!
Yes, You Can Enjoy Brown Sugar Milk Tea at Home With This Easy Recipe
Milk tea fans, rejoice!

Although more and more food and beverage enterprises are resuming operations for takeout and delivery, sometimes, it's nice to get your fix by cooking or baking from scratch--or mixing something from scratch, in the case of dalgona coffee. Well, heads up milk tea fans: You can now whip up your own milk tea drink by yourself, too! 

Facebook user Bethel Anne Dizon Nacpil shared her own brown sugar milk tea recipe and it is super easy to make!

The ingredients she used are: one tea bag, coffee creamer, sugar, and tapioca pearls (which are optional, but you can also use coffee jelly or nata de coco!). Sounds simple, right?

Here's what you need to do: 

1. To start, soak the tea bag in hot water for three to five minutes. Bethel Anne suggests adding another tea bag if you want the tea to taste more prominently.

2. Add in four spoonfuls of creamer and one spoonful of sugar, and stir until they melt together.


3. To make the brown sugar syrup, pour one cup of brown sugar and one cup of water in a pan under low to medium heat. Mix until it forms a syrupy texture.

4. Once you're done, spread some brown sugar syrup inside your drinking glass by using a spoon, add in your milk tea, and voila

You can read her more detailed recipe here:

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