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Here's Everything We Know So Far About Disney’s "Cruella" Starring Emma Stone

Here's Everything We Know So Far About Disney’s "Cruella" Starring Emma Stone
IMAGE Cruella/Disney
The movie will show how she went down the path to evil before "101 Dalmatians."

ICYMI, the trailer for Disney’s Cruella has already been launched a week ago, and we can’t contain our excitement! All things considered, Disney has been on the live-action roll lately after coming out with multiple reboots of their classics such as Mary Poppins, Mulan, The Nutcracker, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and more, in recent years. One of their latest additions, and the next one to be released, tells the tale of one of their most iconic and nefarious villains, Cruella De Vil. This live-action prequel will star Emma Stone as the lead, so you know it’s bound to be a promising one! 

PHOTO BY Cruella/Disney

Here’s everything you need to know about Disney’s Cruella:

1. It’s an origin story.

Whether you love or hate her, Cruella De Vil is inarguably one of Disney’s most diabolical villains—we mean, she’d dedicated her life to skinning dogs, for crying out loud! That said, the film will give us a different perspective on Cruella, along with a deeper look at her life, pre-101 Dalmatians. It will be set in 1970s London as she begins her journey as a fashion designer. Much like Maleficent, we’ll get to see her path to evil, and if the aforementioned film is any indication, then we can definitely expect one hell of an origin story for this one, too.

PHOTO BY Cruella/Disney

2. Fashion will play an essential part in the movie. 

It comes as no surprise that fashion will play a big part in the movie’s plot. The main protagonist is a fashion designer, after all. Rife with punk-rock glam, who better to capture Cruella’s overarching chaotic yet still stylish energy than Jenny Beavan? The English costume designer is responsible for styling a number of well-known, visually stunning films including Charlize Theron’s Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), Helena Bonham Carter’s The King’s Speech (2010) and Rachel McAdamsSherlock Holmes (2009), making her the perfect fit for the job. 

PHOTO BY Cruella/Disney
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3. They casted two brilliant Emmas. 

As an Academy award winner, Emma Stone hardly needs an introduction. She’s already quite the household name for her various roles in famous and successful movies, such as La La Land, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Help, and Zombieland, just to name a few. However, she’s not the only famous Emma in the cast. She’ll be starring alongside the incomparable Emma Thompson, a two-time Oscar recipient and critically acclaimed veteran actress. Emma Thompson will play Baroness von Hellman, the antagonist of the film, who’ll play a quintessential role in completely turning Cruella evil to the core.

The cast also includes Joel Fry (Yesterday) and Paul Walter Hauser (Game of Thrones) as Jasper and Horace, a.k.a. Cruella’s henchmen. 

PHOTO BY Cruella/Disney

4. Not only does it have a great director, it also has one heck of a scriptwriting team! 

Craig Gilliespie, known for his work in I, Tonya, Fright Night and Lars and the Real Girl, is the movie’s designated director. Opposite him are a slew of talented screenwriters, from Tony McNamara (The Favourite), Dana Fox (Isn’t It Romantic?), Kelly Marcel (Saving Mr. Banks), Jez Butterworth (Ford v. Ferrari), to Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada) and Steve Zissis (Togetherness), all of whom have come together to pen one impactful story. 


Wath the full trailer below.

5. Glenn Close is an executive producer of the film. 

As we all know, the original Cruella was played by the unforgettable Glenn Close in 101 Dalmatians (1996). Still a buzz-worthy name to this day, it’s safe to say her portrayal of the villain is the very reason why the notorious black-and-white haired character is so legendary in the first place. The fact that she’s on board as an executive producer just makes it even more highly anticipated than it already is. Fingers crossed, we get a cameo! 

Disney's Cruella is set to premiere this May 2021.

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