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Disco Naps Are The Answer To Your "lola" Problems

So you can shake and shimmy in your #OOTN all night long!
Disco Naps Are The Answer To Your "lola" Problems So you can shake and shimmy in your #OOTN all night long!

There are times when you’re in the middle of a club at wee hours of the night. All your friends are still at their peaks and you’re just out of it. Tired from the pinching pain of your stilettos and groggy from a full day, you find it convenient to pull the lola trigger and just head off home when the clock strikes twelve. Though it’s really tempting to do so, ladies, you have to remember that it took so much effort to dress up and perfect your eye makeup, you shouldn’t let it go to waste!

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Taking cues from legendary party girls of Coco Banana, Studio54 and even those musical babes from Coachella, we give you the Disco Nap—the answer to all-nighter party dilemmas.

True to its name, the Disco Nap is a short snooze that people take in between happy hour and party hour, or before heading out to a night of dancing.  It is the power nap for the restless and the source of energy for the femme fatales of the night—doesn’t it sound fun to be called a “femme fatal of the night?” The Disco Nap is not like any kind of nap, it is an art to be perfected. And perfect it you shall with our simple tips.


TIP #1: Keep it light

No, this is not like your light salad dressing or your Diet Coke, keeping it light when it comes to Disco Naps means that you remember that it’s just a nap. To fully rest yourself and not risk being groggy afterwards, 20 to 30 minutes of sweet shuteye before heading out should do the trick.


TIP #2: It’s a private affair

Not everyone looks like an angel when they’re asleep and not everyone wakes up like one too. Try to find a quiet and private place (like the back of your car or a quiet spot in your office—hopefully near a restroom so you could freshen up right away). No one needs to see you drooling or hear you snoring.


TIP #3: Perk it up, perk it up

Take your coffee before you take your Disco Nap. What this does is that the caffeine from your cup of Joe kicks in right when you wake up, keeping you energized and ready to head out.

TIP #4: On your back you go

Find a snoozing spot where you could lie on your back (comfortably). What this does is that you won’t end up lying on your side, in turn not subjecting yourself to facial creases and muscle knots.


TIP #5: Ring the alarm

Yes, it’s simple, but it’s the most important tip we could give you. Don’t forget to set your annoying buzzer if you don’t want to miss that fun all-nighter. 

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